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Centennial's Sci-Tech program is very excited to welcome the first 84 students who will be attending the program.  As resources, tools and information becomes available it will be posted on this site and communicated through several of the Sci-Tech North pages below.

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In previous years we have held an orientation and information session at the school for new students.  Stay tuned for this year's date. ​ In the meantime, information communicated in the past, can be found at Ideas of things to look at over the summer can also be found on this page.

Technology Tools:

In Sci-Tech, technology is a big part of the Sci-Tech program. Therefore meaning the new grade 6 students will be using various technology tools! Some of them include:

  • 3-D printers
  • Flight Simulators
  • Apple tvs
  • etc...

3d printer.jpg

joystick.PNGapple tv.PNG

The most common question that is asked by parents are what device is right for my child to use in Sci-Tech?

This all depends upon the student. If he/she feels that they are most comfortable with tablets/mobile devices it is completely up to them. Some students prefer using laptops as their main device. The benefits of having a laptop would be that you can access many things that you would need to join and work on such as Microsoft word, snipping tool and the big one, Adobe Flash Player. Some students prefer an actual keyboard and the layout of how easily laptops work. There are benefits with tablets/iPads such as it is mobile. You can quickly take pictures, notes and work on the tablet/iPad. Some people prefer for their device to be easily transportable and easy to work on which, again, all depends upon his/her choice. Get to know some devices! Go to stores with devices and see which one fits you and your needs.

By coming into Sci-Tech you get to experience many new technology types and different tech tools. Such as which is a website that helps to set and track goals online, and also is a very good tool for the future because there are sections with many different careers and the website tells you which courses you must take, the salaries and etc. Sci-Tech students learn how to -most importantly- stay safe while using the internet. We learn "Search Shark" skills to learn how to conduct research for future assignments and makes you very independant and teaches many valuable skills for future and present.

Don't have a device?
It's all right! Sci-Tech provides each class with 5 Macbook Airs and usually a class iPad. There are also iMacs that are available for student use. Some students prefer to bring their own devices just because of how comfortable they are with the device. It is not mandatory for the student to have a device with him/her.

Want to hear about what the students and teachers themselves have to say about Sci-Tech? Here are some opinions from the grade 6 Sci-Tech, 7 Sci-Tech and Sci-Tech staff:

"My experiences in Sci-Tech have been unbelievably phenomenal.
"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" - Marcel Proust
Not only the teachers though the complete Sci-Tech lifestyle has completely changed my perspective and widened my view to the multiple other possibilities which I could only discover through perseverance, independence and strive- both of which our teachers have provided and prepared us with. With the hands-on activities, we have learned through discovering not through reading a chalkboard. With the multiple group activities, we have learned from our peers, not from a lecture from the teacher. And from the freedom we are given and all the skills we were taught in Sci-Tech, we have learned the different ways we could possibly learn much more of which is the main goal in life. In Sci-Tech we find that the world is our classroom where we innovate and discover. We have improved our academic skills by constantly being challenged and pushed to our extents to find our true potential to build more confidence and understand that we could do much more than we could have ever expected. We do not simply research by browsing the internet, we research with experiments, trials and best of all- failure. Failure is what we have grown from, what we have developed from, what we have revolutionized from and without the multiple failures and trials that has occurred in Sci-Tech, I would not be who I am today. I have learned so many new things, found true extents to my learning, met new people of which we could share our learning with, met amazing teachers who chisel us into the wonderful and grateful students and forever-learners we are today. And those were my experiences that I was ever-so-blessed to encounter."

      -  Medha (Grade 8)

"Everyday in 79 is a new experience. Being part of the Sci-Tech program here at Centennial, I expect my students to be very much involved in their learning everyday. Using technology in our class on a regular basis, allows my students to access the most up to date research at their fingertips.
Part of the expectations in Sci-Tech Program, is for the students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways, rather than just using paper and pencil. Collaboration is also a key to success in our program. My students collaborate on a daily basis, allowing them to learn and solve problems together.
Most of my students come to school equip with their own technology, which makes our program such a success. Some of the software that my students use on a daily basis are: Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Office 365 and Edmodo. Using these programs allows them to seamlessly learn at school and continue their work at home.
Some of the exciting things that we have done this year so far are: being a part of First Lego League, creating excellent visual presentations linked to the Grade 7 curriculum and teaching one and another about new apps, software, and websites that makes our learning a fulfilling experience."

       -  Ms Banerjee Teacher of Grade 7

"The Sci-Tech program at Centennial Sr. Ps. allows students to engage the Ontario Curriculum in powerful and interesting ways. As an inquiry based program the students are taught the necessary skills and inquiry methods to ask their own questions about the topics studied at each grade level and then explore them through research, collaboration, and hands on exploration. Through the use of technology students learn to work smarter and seek the most relevant and current information. Students have the opportunity to explore robotics, 3d modeling, multimedia presentations, video creation, online collaboration, digital publishing, and design and build workshops such as the Derby car and bridge building challenges. Whenever possible scientific data and areas of interest are integrated into all topics of study. Most of all the program is highly collaborative- students learn to rely on each other to develop the most clear and well rounded understandings possible and to work as a team to solve problems.
Teaching in the Sci-Tech program has been two of the most rewarding, and educational years of my teaching career. Working with the dedicated and curious students here at Centennial allows me to learn new things each and every day and to be challenged to work with the students to create a deeper understanding and model solutions in new and innovative ways. Each day is a journey in discovery rather then the presentation of lessons. I have enjoyed every minute and look forward to class. I work with the best and brightest students in Peel and love every minute of it!"

    -  Mr. Gardner Teacher of Grade 8

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