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What is the Centennial's SciTech Regional Learning Program?
Our modern way of life is based largely on the advances made by science and technology.  We have developed as a society because of our natural curiosity - seeking answers to problems, examining how different areas of knowledge and facts relate to each other, and looking at not only what happens but also how and why something happens.

Centennial Senior Public School's SciTech Regional Learning Program is for those living north of the 401, south of Mayfield, east of Winston Churchill and west of 427. For more information, please go to the School Boundary section for the boundary map and a list of schools within the Centennial boundary. This program is offered by the Peel District School Board to students in grades 6, 7 and 8. This is a 3 year program starting in Grade 6. 

At SciTech, the emphasis is on inquiry, and on integrating science, technology and math with other subjects whenever possible, creating a unique learning environment.  This is where students will gain a deeper understanding of the links among what they're learning and the world around them.

What does the program include?
The SciTech Regional Learning Program is designed using a "hands-on, minds-on" approach.  The program is based on the Ontario curriculum but, it also features:

  • A focus spent in the subject areas of Mathematics, Science and Technology.
  • Inquiry-based learning that demonstrates how Science, Technology and Mathematics relate to us in everyday life.
  • A focus on literacy and numeracy through science and technology investigations.  For example, many numeracy expectations can be addressed as students gather and organize information from experiments.  Literacy skills are developed when students research issues and communicate the findings of their investigations.
  • An inquiry-based approach, with the students applying their creativity and discovering solutions to real problems and issues in all parts of the curriculum.

What will students come away with?
Students participating in the SciTech Regional Learning Program will:

  • develop more advanced inquiry skills, which can be applied to any problems or part of the curriculum;
  • gain a greater understanding of concepts across many disciplines;
  • develop the confidence that comes from problem-solving;
  • be better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that science and technology have to offer in secondary school and beyond.

Who can attend?
Any Peel student who is currently in grade 5 may apply for this 3 year program, including students who are receiving ESL or special education assistance. Each year 84 new students are admitted to the Grade 6 program.

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