Hi. My name is Vidhi, and I would you to elect me as your student prime minister, not for myself but for yourselves, for aIl Centennial lions, and for the whole Centennial community. I possess great leadership skills which is the key factor for the prime minister position. I am an organized, determined, respectful and a responsible individual. I am an excellent communicator as well as an inspiring and motivating person. I am a role model for many individuals, and I have a positive attitude and approach to all things. I am a dedicated student that has the vision and the capability of bringing real change to this school. I am highly engaged around the school. I participate in almost everything; arts, athletics and academics, which gives me the, "all-rounded experience," that your future prime minister must have. I follow the pride values and am a strong, enthusiastic, passionate, inclusive, and a resourceful leader. Although I can't present my platform until the speech day, I can make one guarantee. If you want your voices to be heard, if you want difference to be brought in the school, then I am the perfect choice. A Vote For Me Is A Vote For You! VOTE VIDHI! Thanks. Vidhi. B



I, Medha.R.K will bring the real change. I am not all talk, I take action. I have the executive experience and the management skills to handle everything coming my way. Vote for the one who already knows what it takes. I have executive experience, all skills and characteristics needed and I have the ideas to shape Centennial the way you want. I will listen, appreicate and implement accordingly- and that is something that you can most definitely trust. I put my best foot forward and always carve out time for the needs of students. Vote for someone who knows the game! Putting Plans in action to assure your satisfaction! Vote Medha! Thank you! Medha. R. K (8-7) Have a fantastic day! ​



Make Me Your Choice and I'll be Your Voice

Dedicated, responsible and passionate. These are only a few of the words which describe me and demonstrate why I'm ready to tackle the job of being Centennial's Prime Minister. Ever since grade six, I have actively participated in student council and other extracurricular activities. But in this time I couldn't help but notice what little change has been made. On top of that, what's worse is that the job action took away almost a month's worth of time in which we could have had extracurricular activities! But even though this time has been taken away from us, as Prime Minister, I will make sure this is the best year that my fellow students or as I like to call you, my Lion Squad has ever had. Some of the ideas I had in mind is bringing the Grade sixes and sevens into the greeting team, serving healthy lunches including subs twice a week and trying to bring guest speakers during pep rallies like superwoman. Another thing I want to do is make a peer tutoring program where students can learn subjects they maybe struggling with from their peers who may be able to explain concepts better than their teachers. So Lion Squad, remember YOVO (you only vote once) so make it count.  Remember Lion Squad make me your choice, and I'll be your voice! Janvi, 8-5



Hi! My name is Mohit and I am an official candidate of the Centennial election. I feel that this school needs change and that not only I think that that but all the other Candidates think that. Due to the work to rule strike we haven't had any fun so that's why we need more events and more fun in our school. I think that that this school could be better. I'm not saying that this school is not good but it could get better. With the best staff and the best students in the best school, we can do anything together.



Hi, I am Talin and this year I am going to try out for school president. I have many great traits which represent me as a great leader. I also have many beneficial changes in my mind for the overall betterment of this school. I also assure that I am committed and devoted. So, don't forget to vote for me and remember that a vote for me will be a vote for everyone for I believe that alone I can do something but together we can achieve everything.