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On the road again—how to keep your cyclist safe

On the road again—how to keep your cyclist safe

​Here are some tips you can review with your child to ensure bike season gets off to a great start:

The right fit

  • children should be able to straddle the bike with both feet on the ground
  • a bike that is too big or too small can be a safety hazard
  • the helmet should fit—if it's too loose, it could fall off, if it's too tight, it's uncomfortable

Get noticed

  • a young child's bike should be equipped with a bell and reflector
  • older riders should have a light and/or reflectors

Follow the rules

  • no riding on busy streets
  • no riding at night
  • stop for all STOP signs

Actions that cause injuries

  • driveway ride out—not stopping and looking both ways before entering the street
  • running the stop sign
  • turning without warning
  • cycling in the dark
  • following the leader—one child goes through a stop sign or misses a parked car but the second cyclist doesn't​