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Head lice - prevention and treatment

Head lice, also known as pediculosis, are a nuisance, but not a health problem. Anyone can get head lice — people do not get head lice because they are not clean. Head lice outbreaks are common among children because they are often in circumstances where there is close head-to-head contact.

Head lice are small insects that live on human hair. Parents should notify the school as soon as head lice is detected. Students with head lice will be not be allowed to attend school until all nits are removed. Your cooperation is an important part of efforts made by the school to control the spread of head lice.

·         Don't panic! Examine the hair and scalp of all family members in a well-lit area. Part hair in small sections and inspect the whole head.

·         Treat all persons affected with a specially medicated shampoo available at pharmacies. Follow the manufacturer's directions exactly.

·         Remove all nits from the hair shaft using a fine-toothed comb, tweezers, or fingers.

·         Wash all brushes, combs and hair accessories with medicated shampoo.

·         Wash, in hot water, all items the affected person comes in contact with, e.g. clothing, jackets, hats, helmets, linen, pillows, toys.

For more information, please call Health Line Peel at 905-791-7800. Caledon residents can call 905-584-2216 free of charge.