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French Immersion Resources
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How does French Immersion work?

French immersion integrates language instruction and content area instruction. Students learn the French language, they learn about the French language and they learn through the French language.

  • Learning the language enables students to read, speak, write and listen in French.
  • Students learn about the language when they study French as a content unto itself.
  • Students learn through language when they use French to solve problems,  understand concepts and create knowledge.                                                                                                         

How do I know if my child is suitable for the French Immersion program?

Children who are enrolled in the French Immersion program demonstrate a wide variety of characteristics such as:


  • enjoys language;
  • listens effectively (e.g. can retell or explain a story or event in proper sequence);
  • plays with language (e.g. enjoys rhyming and opposite games);
  • enjoys new words (e.g. repeats and uses new vocabulary appropriately).

Learning Skills

  • focuses on a story, conversation and activity for at least five to ten minutes;
  • handles new situations using positive coping strategies;
  • is able to communicate his/her difficulties when necessary;
  • demonstrates curiosity and a willingness to explore, experiment and make new connections;
  • demonstrates a positive attitude toward challenging tasks.

These are only some of the characteristics of French Immersion students and every child is unique!

Note: The level of French will vary from one child to another in the same way as performance in mathematics, for example, will vary from child to child. Some students speak French making many mistakes while others might be taken for mother-tongue French speakers.