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Helpful Hints When It's All in French!


Homework has three main purposes:

  • to finish work not completed in school;
  • to provide practice and extension of concepts presented in class;
  • to allow for student preparation in upcoming class lessons.

Early in the school year, you should find out what the expected amount of homework will be in your child’s class from his/her classroom teacher. French Immersion students should expect to have roughly the same amount of homework as their counterparts in the English program.

Teachers are sensitive to the content of the homework which is sent home. Teachers outline the expectations of homework assignments in order for the students to successfully complete them.

Practical Tips for Providing a Successful Study Environment for Your Child Preparation:

Schedule time for homework or studying. Provide a quiet secluded place with:

  • good overhead lighting;
  • a firm chair and table or desk;
  • no distractions;
  • no radio or TV!


Your child should know that homework starts at school and by LISTENING to the teacher’s instructions, he/she will know:

          WHAT to do;

          WHEN the assignment is due;

          WHERE to get information;

          HOW to write the project.

Your child can:

  • review notes and relevant textbook sections;
  • correct mistakes;
  • make a study outline.