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French Immersion Resources
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Supporting Your Child in French Immersion 

Parents have a vital role in their child’s learning. Today, more than ever before, parents have access to information through books, pamphlets, speakers, workshops, the media, and the Internet on how to effectively support their child’s education.

In order to support your child in French Immersion, it is important to read regularly in English or simply talk frequently (in English) about new experiences. Reading for pleasure should be encouraged in both French and English. In this way, your child’s English vocabulary will be enriched and his/her self-confidence will grow.

The following are suggestions for parents with children in the French Immersion program:

  • be positive about the program and the teacher;
  • show interest in your child’s daily activities;
  • check newsletters for special events;
  • check backpack or agenda for homework;
  • communicate with teachers your concerns, questions or suggestions;
  • listen to your child read in French and English;
  • read daily to your child in English;
  • access French books, subscriptions, tapes, games, software, videos, television and radio;
  • purchase a French/English dictionary for home.