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Extra Curricular Activities
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Extra Curricular Activities

At Hazel, we believe in the  'well rounded, whole child', so we provide opportunities for extra curricular participation not only in the areas of Sports and Music but we also offer clubs and activities in Science, Math, Literacy, Leadership and countless other pursuits as well. There is never a shortage of things to do at Hazel and we encourage our students to get involved!

Don't worry about your child fitting in or finding something to do as there is always something for your child to get involved in at Hazel. Take a look at what types of activities are often offered at Hazel McCallion.  These activities are voluntary by teachers and will vary from year to year. They are offered either before school, during the lunch hour or afterschool.

Below are some of the extra curricular activities that you can find at HMC.

Sports Activities and Teams at Hazel

School Teams  

  • Flag Football (Girls and Boys)

  • Volleyball (Girls and Boys) 

  • Basketball (Girls and Boys)

  • Soccer (Girls and Boys)

  • Slo- Pitch (Girls and Boys)

  • Track and Field (Co-ed)

  • Cross Country (Co-ed)

  • 3 on 3 Ice Hockey (Co-ed)


Played in House League teams within the school. Each student, once registered at Hazel becomes a member of one of the 6 'intramural teams at Hazel'. The teams are Typhoons, Monsoons, Cyclones, Twisters, Tornadoes, and Blizzards. These teams face each other in intramural action throughout the year. Any team member can join in the fun. There are usually designations for Grade levels during intramural games. For example Grade 6's will play together while 7 and 8 play together. The following intramural activities go on throughout the year at Hazel.

  • Volleyball

  • Bordenball

  • Soccer

At times, drop in activities are offered such as basketball and racquet sports.

Class Championships 

(individual classes compete against each other for bragging rights within the school in a variety of sports and physical activities)

  • Indoor Soccer

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • McCallion Olympics (Track and field)


(activities that occur throughout the year on a non competitive basis)

  • Running Club

Music and the Arts Activities at Hazel

Choirs and Bands

  • Junior and Senior Bands

  • Jazz Band

  • Choir

  • Small Ensemble

  • Audio & Stage Crew

Math, Science and Technology at HMC


  • Gauss Math Test


  • The Green Team (environmental club)

  • Tech Reps


  • Chess Club

  • Trivia Club

Individual and Group Opportunities

  • Attendance Monitors

  • Art Club

  • House League Captains

  • Sports Reps

  • Respect ED

  • Leaders Inc 

  • Classroom Helpers

  • Silver Birch and Red Maple Reading Clubs

  • Yearbook

  • Hazel Highlighters Announcement Team