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School Council
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School Council

Our school council—focused on student success

Every Peel school has a school council—a group focused on helping students succeed. The council advises the principal about important issues:

  • promoting effective communication between the school and parents
  • supporting our School Success planning goals
  • school code of behaviour
  • encouraging parent and community involvement in our school
  • promoting positive attitudes towards public education
  • school and board policies, guidelines and initiatives that affect student achievement or board accountability to parents

The membership of our council includes:

  • parents—who form the majority of council members
  • teaching and support staff representatives
  • community members

Our school council chair is:

Atefeh Samadi-Niya, [email protected]

For more information about school council, contact the office or visit the School Councils section of the Peel board website.





October 2, 2019

November 20, 2019

February 19, 2020

May 6, 2020


6:00-8:00 (school library)

Please feel free to join us!


We congratulate Dr. Atafeh Samadi-niya, our new School Council Chair and Ankita Smha who will be our School Council Co-Chair this school year!



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