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6325 Miller's Grove, Mississauga, ON L5N3K2
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About Us
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Our Mission

Our mission describes our school's purpose. Our vision depicts our desired future. The principles needed to achieve our mission and vision are articulated in our values. Finally, the actions we need to demonstrate to make our mission, vision and values a reality are described in our collective commitments.

We have developed these statements in collaboration with our staff, students and families. They are part of our School Success Plan.


As we become lifelong learners at Miller's Grove, we care, we share, we learn.


We work together to create a caring environment where parents, staff and students respect individual differences to achieve our common and individual goals.


  • teamwork: working together to support and celebrate our ever-changing school community
  • respect: modelling and working in a respectful and inclusive community
  • commitment: developing a global perspective in education as lifelong learners reflecting 21st Century teaching and learning

Collective Commitments

Staff Commitments

  • work as a team to help each child achieve his/her potential
  • act as role models reflecting our school character traits to inspire positive conduct from students
  • provide a supportive learning environment

Student Commitments

  • show respect towards self, everyone and property
  • demonstrate character traits focused on each month
  • share

Parent Commitments

  • support the learning community to enhance the academic, social and emotional success of his/her child
  • demonstrate commitment to supporting his/her child's learning
  • assisting his/her child to take responsibility for their own learning