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Me to We
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Me to We School

Social justice is imbedded into the culture and learning at Trelwany Public School.  Last year, we combined our emphasis on critical thinking with social justice programming to extend these skills and traits across all aspects of the curriculum.  After refining our understanding of critical thinking, social justice education, and the foundations of the Me-To-We program, we are becoming a Me-to-We School. 

As a Me-To-We school, our school looks to identify the need for positive change and determine how we will address these needs. Together, we strive to make the world a better place and co-develop our students as proactive global citizens.

As a Me-To-We School, we participate in positive change locally, nationally, and globally.

For more information about Me-To-We, please click here


Eden Food For Change (formerly Eden Food Bank)

Trelawny Public School believes in making positive change by acting locally.   We support Eden Food For Change  through our Scare Hunger Campaign in October.  Click here to see more information about our Scare Hunger Campaign.

Eden Food For Change is a local community food centre model that responds to the needs of hungry families by taking a more relational, long-term and sustainable approach. This encompasses a desire to help provide food for hungry people, be a place for our entire community to access nutritious food and food skills and to provide opportunities to learn more about good, healthy food. Serving all of western Mississauga, Eden Food for Change is committed to working to provide GOOD FOOD FOR ALL! Click here for more information



Trelawny Public School is a certified EcoSchool. As a school committed to social justice and making the world a better place, students, staff, and families, as citizens of the world

For more information about Ontario EcoSchools click here



Terry Fox Foundation

We proudly support the National Terry Fox Walk  day in support of cancer research.  Every year, our school discusses the heroic efforts of Terry Fox.  Like Terry, we look at how one person can make such a significant difference to make the world a better place.


Sponsor a Child

Over the years, Trelawny Public School has been involved the World Vision to sponsor a child. Most recently, we adopted a child in Tanzania. He has graduated. We are in the process of selecting a country for our global efforts. Each year we raise funds to support this global initiative.