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National Anthem Procedures at AHSS

National Anthem Procedures at AHSS Important Info to discuss with students regarding our national anthem.

​Hello Parents, Guardians and all members of our school community.

​It has long been a convention for students to remove their non-religious headgear for the national anthem.  At our school, we want this action to have meaning for our students and also allow them personal choice in making an informed decision.  Starting this morning we will now ask students the following before the anthem is played:

"Please rise if you are able, stand and make your own informed choice to either remove your hats and hoods; or not, as we listen to our national anthem."

Today we also played a new rendition of the anthem.  This version was from Asani, an Indigenous women's Acappella group from Edmonton, Alberta, who present a stirring rendition of "O, Canada," re-imagined to reflect the myriad peoples who call Canada their homeland. 

​Here is a copy of the announcement that I made over the PA today:  


​Please read and review this document and have a discussion with your student regarding this.

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