Regional Sports Program
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  • Who can apply? Do I need to be an elite athlete?

​​Anyone that has a passion for leadership, sport, fitness, and recreation is encouraged to apply!  This can take many forms: athletes, sports journalists, sports photographers, event planners/co-ordinators, coaches, managers, and trainers are all examples of pathways to explore within the RSP program.


Elite athletes are always welcome, but are not the main focus of our program. The main focus of our program is sport leadership.


  • Can I take French immersion and RSP at the same time?

Yes you can!  Guidance will make your timetable suit your educational needs.


  • What happens to my elective credits?

    You are required to take 7 Physical Education credits over 4 years.  This means that by graduation sevem of your thirty required credits for an OSSD will be Health and physical education credits.  You will still have room for electives as you move through your high school career as a student.

  • Do you provide transportation?

    No, we do not.  The Peel District School Board does not provide bus transportation to any regional program.

  • Where do extracurricular activities fit?

    As an RSP leader, you are expected to be involved in promoting fitness, recreation, and sport in the school and in the community.  As an RSP student you need to fulfill volunteer hours within the prog​​ram in addition to the 40 hours required for you to graduate from high school.
  • Why are there program fees?

Every regional program within the Peel District School Board is mandated to charge an application fee.  Program fees are in place to subsidize curricular content.  Field trips, certifications, guest speakers, transportation, and apparel are all included in program fees.  There is an annual $200 program fee in order to participate in this program.  There is also a $40 application fee.​




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