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The learning needs of most exceptional students impact on many curriculum areas in their high school program.  For these students to be successful in secondary school, a team approach to  learning accommodations (specific strategies which make curriculum accessible to the student) is essential. 


The Learning Support Program is available to all students in need of support.  Priority will be given to exceptional students as placed by an IPRC.  IPRCs will place exceptional students into one of two levels of the Learning Support Program as appropriate.  Non-exceptional students will access the Learning Support Program at the recommendation of the ISRC and the support of parents.


Exceptional students participating in the Learning Support Model can receive two levels of support as recommended by an IPRC as follows:


Program Description


Level I (LS I) will be offered to students able to work at the Locally Developed, Applied or Academic level but whose learning needs are significant (e.g. as influenced by a learning disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, need for remedial support in basic numeracy/literacy, need for transition support to work/post-secondary education).  Curriculum support for these students will be offered through the GLE courses (GLE100, GLE200, GLE300 and GLE400) for a maximum of 4 credits.  Currently, schools cluster students in groups of approximately 10 students for optimum learning support.  Priority in this placement should be given to students in grades 9 and 10 to provide a solid transition to secondary school. 


Level II (LS II) – Secondary Special Education Monitoring will be offered to students either as a supplemental support to Level I (e.g. as in Semester II); or as a stand-alone level of support for students who require ongoing monitoring and assistance, but may not require, or profit from, more intensive intervention offered in the GLE course.  This placement will provide ongoing support to students as indicated on an IEP in a frequent and consistent manner. 


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