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What is a Contextualized Learning Activity or CLA?


A CLA is a learning activity in the English and Business or Canadian and World Studies courses that are in the student’s bundle of courses. The activity is contextualized to the knowledge and skills relevant to the economic sector of the SHSM. For example in Business the CLA may be to design a business plan for an art gallery. In a Law course the CLA may involve researching copyright infringements or some other legal matter related to the Arts and Culture industry.



What is the Ontario Skills Passport or OSP?


The Ontario Skills Passport is a tool used to help learners focus on the development of Essential Skills and work habits necessary for employment – as identified through employment sector consultations. The OSP Work Plan is created by all Co-op students and by using this tool the student tracks and documents their demonstration of the Essential Skills as the develop over the course of their Co-op and SHSM experiences.



How do I apply for the SHSM program at Cawthra?


Students should review the content available through the Cawthra Park website, discuss the requirements with their parent(s), complete the online SHSM application and submit it to the Guidance Secretary. A SHSM teacher will contact the student with further direction.


Can I be a RAP student and a SHSM student?


Yes. The SHSM program is available to all students in grade 11 and 12 who plan to pursue a career in the Arts and Culture industry and who are willing to complete all the required components of the program. Because the RAP program is already so enriched RAP student will likely complete the Career Exploration, Reach Ahead Experiences and elective certifications in their RAP classrooms.


What certifications or training do I need to complete?


You must complete 3 compulsory certifications: Standard First Aid, CPR Level A and WHMIS. Opportunities to complete these will be made available during the school year. All SHSM students must complete 3 elective certifications which will be offered throughout the school year. Some sample elective certifications and training include: stage combat training, fall awareness training, and customer service training.


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