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About Us
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​​Cawthra Park Secondary School is recognized for its successful integration of the regional arts and regular school program and provides a unique learning environment for all students. The staff has an enthusiastic commitment to a well-rounded program that prepares the student to be a life-long learner. The Cawthra learner experiences a positive and supportive environment that encourage success. We promote Academics, Arts, Athletics and Citizenship.


- 1,325 students
- 1/3 local community; 2/3 Regional Arts
- 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM, five 75 minute periods
- Grades 9 to 12, semestered

- SHSM: Arts & Culture
- Full Ontario curriculum for diploma
- Extensive arts options
- Preparation for workplace, college, university


Facilities include classrooms, science labs, computer labs, triple gymnasium, library learning commons, career centre and cafeteria.

Special Features:
- Newly renovated theatre
- Makeup and dressing room
- Facilities for set construction
- Renovated Dance studios with sprung floors
- Renovated Drama studios
- Visual Arts studios
- Dark Room
- Digital Photography Lab
- Music Room
- Practice and rehearsal rooms
- State-of-the-art recording studios
- Midi Computer Lab



- come from over 40 different elementary schools
- are caring and supportive
- are creative risk-takers
- are focused


- caring, enthusiastic and supportive
- commited to high expectations for achievement of students
- connected to their artistic communities




- 45 Entrance Scholarships per year on average
- 38% Ontario Scholarships per year on average
- Three times in the last nine years, the top Ontario Scholar Graduate in Peel came from Cawthra Park S.S.
- 25% Graduates - Fine Arts
- 30% Graduates - Sciences
- 35% Graduates - Humanities & Social Sciences

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