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Our Mission

Our mission describes our school's purpose. Our vision depicts our desired future. The principles needed to achieve our mission and vision are articulated in our values. Finally, the actions we need to demonstrate to make our mission, vision and values a reality are described in our collective commitments.

We have developed these statements in collaboration with our staff, students and families. They are part of our School Success Plan.


At Cawthra Park, our mission is to foster a love of learning in our students through academics, arts, athletics and citizenship by providing a positive environment characterized by individuality, integrity, and continuous growth that nurtures compassion and community.


We are a community of interdependent learners preparing for a dynamic future in life and work.


  • Respect and Inclusivity
  • Engagement and Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Individual and Collective Success Environmental Stewardship

Collective Commitments

Staff Commitments

  • Creating and nurturing a safe, and positive classroom and school environment in which all students can learn.
  • Modeling a variety of effective teaching practices that support the individual learning styles, needs and interests of all students.
  • Communicating with students and parents in a consistent and timely fashion. Modelling a variety of practices that support environmental stewardship.
  • Promoting and supporting pathways to engage students in the career/life planning process.
  • Contributing to ongoing professional learning opportunities to support student success

Student Commitments

  • Attending all classes regularly and on time.
  • Respecting the school values and developing the habits of environmental stewardship.
  • Communicating with teachers and parents about their progress.
  • Engaging regularly in self-reflection, self-assessment and goal-setting.
  • Developing the habits and skills of personal leadership.

Parent Commitments

  • Providing a supportive learning environment at home.
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with their child and school staff about student learning.
  • Actively supporting their child's learning while encouraging independence, creativity, motivation and balance.
  • Staying informed by reading and accessing the variety of school communications (e.g. student agenda, school website, Cawthra Clips).
  • Participating in school events (e.g. parents' nights, school council).




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