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Guidance and Career Education Course Offerings



Learning Strategies 1: Skills for Success in Secondary School

Grade 9, Open (GLS 10/GLE 10/GLE 20)

This course explores learning strategies and helps students become better, more independent learners while increasing their personal management skills, both in school and in other contexts. Students will learn how to develop and apply a range of strategies to improve their learning and achievement, particularly their literacy, numeracy, communication and planning skills. This course will increase students’ confidence, motivation and ability to learn.

Prerequisite: For GLS 10 – none; For GLE 10 and GLE 20

– recommendation of principal


Career Studies

Grade 10, Open (GLC 2O)

This course teaches students how to develop and achieve personal goals in education and work and contribute to their communities. Student learning will include assessing their own knowledge, skills, and characteristics and investigating economic trends, workplace organization, work opportunities and ways to search for work. The course explores post-secondary learning options, prepares students for community-based learning and helps them build the capabilities needed for managing work and life transitions. Students will design action plans for pursuing their goals.

Prerequisite: None


Advanced Learning Strategies: Skills for Success After Secondary School

Grade 12, Open (GLS 40/GLE 40/GLE 30)

This course improves students’ learning skills, preparing them to make successful transitions to work and postsecondary education and become independent, lifelong learners. Students will learn how to assess their learning abilities and use critical reading, time management and other techniques for promoting effective learning. In addition, they will investigate learning requirements for employment and post-secondary education or training and develop plans for learning after secondary school.

Prerequisite: For GLS 40 – None; For GLE 40 and GLE 30

– recommendation of principal


Navigating the Workplace  (Co-operative Education)

Grade 12, Open (GLN 4O)

This course provides students with opportunities to develop the workplace essential skills and work habits required for success in all types of workplaces. Students will explore occupations and careers of interest through participation in real workplace experiences (e.g., information interviews, work experiences). They will make plans for continued learning and work, work with others to design learning experiences, and investigate the resources and support required to make a smooth transition to their post-secondary destination.

Prerequisite: None 





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