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Secondary Education

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Career Studies

The Guidance and Career Education Program assists students to develop the skills needed to obtain the best possible education during their stay at Cawthra Park. Guidance counsellors help students make informed, realistic decisions about their education and their career. Career/life planning is based on two fundamental principles:    
  • It is an ongoing, life-long process.        
  • A career is the sum total of all life experiences and roles, including paid and unpaid work, and  community, volunteer and family activities.

The Career Centre has a wide range of computer, video and print resources necessary for students to research and develop a successful career plan. Information about volunteer work, resumes and job interviews, study, work and travel abroad and post-secondary education is available.



Career Cruising has been designed with one goal in mind: to help your students plan their future. With exceptional assessment tools, detailed occupation profiles, and comprehensive post-secondary education information, students move seamlessly through the career exploration and planning process. At the same time, you have access to the real-time information and statistics you need to track your students' progress and achievement.


Fun, easy-to-use, and powerful, Career Cruising is the complete career guidance system!


Take Our Kids To Work


Career Cruising Link - please see a Counsellor for username and password



Take Our Kids To Work is a day where students have an opportunity to see their parent, friend, relative or volunteer host in different roles and responsibilities. This enhances the students’ understanding of individual jobs in the context of the working community. Take Our Kids To Work is sponsored by The Learning Partnership, a non-profit organization of business people, educators, labour and community leaders. During the previous years of our involvement in this program, almost every Grade 9 student at Cawthra Park was able to participate and benefit from this program.

Feedback from last year’s students showed they gained insights into the realities and demands of the workplace and the importance of continuous learning in pursuing career opportunities. The following are just a few of the many settings and experiences of Grade 9 Cawthra students:

  • Helped to manage a grocery store
  • Observed an airline ground crew    
  • Observed a stockbroker
  • Participated in open heart surgery     
  • Investigated career armed forces
  • Investigated careers highway construction


Other Links:

Canlearn Interactive

Mazemaster: one stop shop for jobs



Co-op Education

  • In school for the first three weeks of the semester
  • Back at school every-other- Wednesday
  • At placement for a total of 15 weeks
  • Eligible for up to 4 credits
  • Possible to take co-op in ‘5th’ year of school
  • In school for the first three weeks of the semester
  • Back at school every-other- Wednesday
  • At placement for a total of 15 weeks
  • Eligible for up to 4 credits
  • Possible to take co-op in ‘5th’ year of school


  • Students ‘check in’ every other Wednesday
  • Guest speakers and classes on current career issues
  • Career fair
  • Production of a personal portfolio
  • Independent research on personal career choice



  • Co-op prepares students to make successful transitions to post-secondary schools, work, and training.

  • Students will explore the realities of the modern workplace by getting hands-on experiences.

  • Students learn new skills, and polish ones they already have.

  • Students have gained excellent recommendations for university and college admission. Some have begun apprenticeships, others have been able to confirm their future career paths. Resumes are fuller due to co-op.







    • 35hrs./week
    • no payment
    • Assignments are given to connect school/work
    • Teachers monitor students
    • Safety assessments done
    • Ongoing evaluations made by teachers with job supervisors


    • Accounting
    • Daycare
    • Social Workers
    • Hospitals
    • Veterinarian
    • Hair Styling
    • Journalism
    • Photography
    • Theatres
    • Elementary Schools
    • Police
    • Chef
    • And many more!


    Ms. Hamilton Ms.Russell (in Guidance)

    GLN 40C
    4 credit package as a course selection




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