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Cawthra Park Secondary School- Parent-Organized Car Pooling 



Families who wish to carpool can share their contact information with one another through the Carpool Contact List. There are two types of carpools:  Regular and Extra-Curricular. The Regular carpool is for regular start and finish times of school and the Extra-Curricular carpool is for activities before and after school. Participants may sign up for one or both carpools at any time. The Contact List is a communication tool, so participation in it does not commit or obligate one to join a carpool.


The purpose of a carpool is to equally share driving responsibilities between the participating families. It is the responsibility of each participant to set up her/his own carpool, ideally well before September.


The Contact List contains participants sorted by geographic proximity, according to postal code.  The list is compiled by a volunteer group of Cawthra Park parents, who emails the Contact List link to participants after they sign up. The Contact List is regularly updated. Work on compiling the Contact List for the next academic year begins the February before, and is ready to be accessed in April.


How to Sign Up


Please click HERE to access the Contact List Sign Up Form.  The form asks the following information:


• Type of carpool required (Regular and/or Extra-Curricular); 
• Student grade(s) and Regional Art Programme(s); 
• Brief comments on driving availability (optional);
• Closest major and minor road intersection(s) ;
• Postal code;
• Email address, name, and phone numbers of main parent/guardian contact; and

• Name and street address of student (s).


In the interests of security, the Contact List available to all participants does not contain family last names, student names, telephone numbers and street addresses.


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail [email protected] 



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