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Cawthra Dance Audition Requirements


"Cawthra is a place where mind, body and artistic spirit thrive"


​Dance Applicants:  Please check your email  for the google form links and submit your audition materials before Tuesday, January 12 at 3:00 pm.

We are so excited that you are planning to audition for our program.  Given the current health recommendations in our province, our auditions this year will be virtual.  You will find all instructions and requirements below.  Once you have completed your online application  and the application deadline closes, you will be sent an email with a link to a Google Form where you will put your pre-recorded audition material. 

If you have any questions about the instructions below please contact the Regional Arts Department at: [email protected].


Cawthra Park's unique Dance Program enjoys a well deserved reputation. It encompasses all aspects of dance education, giving students the opportunity to develop their creative and technical skills through the study of modern dance, ballet, world dance forms, composition, and performance practice.

Dancers complement their enriched physical practice with the study of dance terminology, modern vocabulary, kinesiology, history of dance, composition, critical analysis, injury prevention, nutrition and other health related topics. In the cumulative 4 year program, in addition to developing a heightened understanding and an appreciation for the arts, students acquire such valuable skills as: respect for themselves and others, self-discipline, self-awareness, collaboration opportunities with peers across the school, motivation and life skills that will support their transition to all post-secondary pathways.

All technique classes are accompanied by a pianist or percussionist. there are many opportunities for students to perform and connect with the dance community, to attend workshops and performances by professional companies and to take master classes from visiting dance artists.


**This year all auditions will be submitted online**



PART 1: Introduction and Dance Solo


In your video submission, please include the following information before performing your solo:
● Full name (first and last)
● The date you are recording your video audition (please no pre-recorded recital or competition videos, a video from a phone is acceptable)
● Choreographer’s name
● Style of dance that you will be performing
● A 1 minute minimum-2 minute maximum solo of any chosen genre of dance that highlights your strengths

*Please limit the amount of acrobatic tricks for safety precautions and we are more interested in your movement potential


PART 2: Guided Improvisation

Improvisation is the process of creating authentic, spontaneous movements. It is intended to be natural and spontaneous, please try not to rehearse this, your first response and performance should be the one sent to us.

1. Using the music and prompts provided, please record a video of your improvisational skills 
2. Make sure you use a different device to play the music and to record your video submission
3. The length of recording should be to the entire length of the sound track


** Music with prompts will be sent once the application package has been received


PART 3: Interview questions


To be recorded and included in the video submission:


1. What is your favourite style of dance and why?
2.  Tell me about an achievement that you are especially proud of, aside from dance?
3. What goals do you have after high school?  How do you think an arts education would help?
4. Explain why you would like to join the Cawthra Park Dance program.

Tips for your video submission:

● If possible, please record your video against a neutral background
● Videos can also be recorded outside in your backyard or community
● Music should be appropriate for school use
● Please make sure you speak loudly and clearly


Attire for applicants:

● Dark bodysuit OR form fitting t-shirt
● Footless tights OR leggings OR  shorts


**Please note: Costumes are NOT required for your video audition and long hair should be tied back


Checklist for video submission:

❏ Part 1: Self-tape of solo dance
❏ Part 2: Self-tape of  improvisation dance
❏ Part 3: Interview questions


Success Criteria
For your solo video submission, you will be evaluated on the following skills:
● Technique
● Presentation
● Musicality
● General aptitude and potential for success


-The dancer is able to show an understanding of movement technique in their chosen form, while following safe practices in their surroundings
-The dancer is able to show co-ordination, strength, control, balance 
Performance (creative and facial expression)

Performance (creative and facial expression)

-Dancer demonstrates confidence, personality and performance awareness


Creative Expression
-The dancer is fully focused, concentrated and committed to the performance of the movement   


-The dancer demonstrates thorough knowledge and understanding of music and timing

General aptitude and potential

-The dancer demonstrates an awareness of movement and control of the body, displaying skills that are transferable between all movement genres 

Success criteria for improvisation: 


-Dancer demonstrates confidence, personality and performance awareness  

Creative Expression

-The dancer is fully focused, concentrated and committed to the performance of the movement   


-The dancer’s movement is imaginative and is inspired by the music and prompts


-The movement is authentic and demonstrates a willingness to work outside of their comfort zone

Learn more about the Dance Department:


Dance department 2020 NEW.pptx 

(to view videos please click on green bubble when in present mode)


Dance Presentation 2020.pdf  

(use this if you do not have powerpoint and refer to the pdf for links to You Tube videos)


Dance YouTube Links 2020 Updated.pdf







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