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Audition Information


Please arrive in the front lobby 10 minutes prior to your audition.


Wear appropriate audition attire: loose fitting clothing, casual. Long hair must be tied back and secured off your face. No jewellery. No gum. You will be auditioning in groups of ten.

(10 min.)

Relax and enjoy the warm ups run by our senior drama students. This is intended to prepare you for the audition by getting rid of some nerves and helping you focus.

(40 min.)

Memorize and prepare a monologue. You should make strong choices about your character, age, occupation, social status and to whom you are speaking. No costumes, props or accents.​

cpss drama audition.pdf

(20 min.)

We will ask you a few questions to understand your interest level and your potential commitment as a drama student. 



The Drama stream, dedicated to excellence and originality, is ideally suited to students who are eager to explore all aspects of drama and theatre.

The grade 9 Drama Program emphasizes basic drama skills: tableau, improvisation, scene study, design and script analysis. Creating an effective ensemble is the most important goal.


By grade 10 the basics are reinforced with added focus on the body as an instrument through voice and movement. The historical Commedia del'Arte unit highlights physical clowning, stage-fighting and character work. Advanced scene study and an introduction to script analysis are part of the course as well. 


Grade 11 students undertake script writing with more intense studies of the Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams. 3:30 Theatre, a student run one-act-play festival, is also included in this year's study. 


In the final year, all strands of study combine and culminate in a heightened focus on creating theatre. Course work includes writing and touring a collective work, preparing for professional auditions, detailed scene/script reading, performances in Absurd Theatre and in Canadian Theatre.


The aim of the program is to provide an academic and practical introduction to Drama and Theatre.
As they build on their creativity and learn to appreciate the art of acting and other dramatic skills, students develop self-confidence, self-discipline, leadership, and the ability to cooperate and communicate with others.




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