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Cawthra Park Drama Audition Requirements & Instructions

Drama Applicants:  Please check your email  for the google form links and submit your audition materials before Tuesday, January 12 at 3:00 pm.

We are so excited that you are planning to audition for our program.  Given the current health recommendations in our province, our auditions this year will be virtual.  You will find all instructions and requirements below.  Once you have completed your online application and the application deadline closes, you will be sent an email with a link to a Google Form where you will put your pre-recorded audition material. 

If you have any questions about the instructions below please contact the Regional Arts Department at: [email protected].

 Your Drama audition will consist of:

• A pre-recorded monologue performance (see instructions)
• A pre-recorded interview response (see instructions)

Monologue Performance Instructions:

• Choose ONE monologue from the list provided to rehearse and memorize.

• You should make strong choices about your character with regard to personality, physicality, age, occupation, and social status. You should also have a clear vision of who you are “talking to” in your monologue and what you want from them.  This person is imaginary and ‘behind the camera’.

• Do not wear a costume or use props. You may use a chair if you choose, but do not sit for the whole monologue.

• You must be alone on camera (no acting partners) and speaking directly into the camera for the duration of the monologue.

• Ensure that if you have long hair, it is tied back and not covering your face.

• Film your monologue in a single take with NO editing.

• Your full body from head to foot needs to be on camera for the whole monologue.  We need to see what physical choices you are making for your character.

• Film your monologue indoors where you do not have to wear a mask or shield.  Filming indoors will also ensure that there is minimal sound interference from wind, cars, other people etc.

• Do not include any sound effects, backgrounds, filters etc. in your filming




Interview Instructions:


Interview Questions:


1.  Our program is collaborative and is based on a lot of group work. What do you see as your

a) strengths and

b) challenges with regard to group work? 


2. What are your favourite subjects in school?  Explain why you like them.


3.  What do you do outside of school? (hobbies, interests, sports, etc)


• Prepare answers to each question.

• Film yourself saying the question and then answering it.  This is our chance to really get to know you, so use it as an opportunity to be yourself and “open up!”.

• This portion can only be a maximum of 3 minutes long and have no edits (single take), no backgrounds, filters, props etc.

Learn more about the Drama Department:


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