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​Frequently Asked Questions



Can my son/daughter audition for more than one discipline?

No. Due to the tight timelines in the audition process and in order to see as many students as possible, students must choose one discipline. They will need to reflect seriously on this important decision as they will be focusing for four years in this discipline. It must therefore reflect their interest and talent.

Is this still an academic school with a regular academic course load? Will my child still take math for example?


Yes. All students take the Ministry required academic courses for graduation with an OSSD. The difference at Cawthra is that students take their Major area course both semesters each year so that they receive two credits a year for an 8 credit package upon graduation They will be rewarded a RAP certificate upon completion of these 8 credits.

Can my child take option credits?  
Yes. Options will open up after the first year. Many students in one area may sign up for a course in another. For example, a dance major may choose to take a music course at some point or a drama student may take art technology or fashion arts.
Where do athletics fit in with rehearsals and commitments?

Students are encouraged to try out for all our teams and various clubs. The Arts and all other departments have a rehearsal and practice agreement that allows the student to participate in all areas.
How will my child get to school if they're not in the Cawthra area?  
There is a private busing company available for students at any grade level that you may opt for. Upon acceptance into the program, the information is then forthcoming. Most students however, take the Mississauga Transit from their area to Square One and then transfer to the bus that goes to Cawthra. At the end of the day, rehearsal times are known by Mississauga Transit so that they can accommodate us with late buses. Many friendships get made on the commute to and from school.

My child is already in high school at present and wants to come to Cawthra. Can they still audition?

No. The Peel District School Board has determined that all students auditioning must be in Grade 8 at the time of audition. Your Grade 8 year is the only time you can apply.
My child has an identified learning disability. Is this a problem?

No. The Special Education department monitors identified students and communicates closely with teachers regarding the special needs of those students.
What should I expect to spend on program upgrade charges in the month of September?

Plan for charges which include registration, course program costs, field trips, Artist in the Classroom enrichments, and miscellaneous costs associated with different clubs and teams. Please note that all courses have different expectations depending on the needs of the program so exact amounts cannot be determined in advance.
What are the time commitments at school?

There are early rehearsals and team activities that occur before school. Classes end after 3:00 p.m., but then rehearsals and teams begin again, sometimes until 5:30 p.m. or later.
Why choose Cawthra?  

Cawthra is a place where mind, body and artistic spirit thrive! We offer four areas of arts enrichment, numerous sports opportunities, as well as a wonderful atmosphere, a supportive learning environment, challenging academics and a strong basis for a bright future. Why not choose Cawthra?


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