Regional Arts
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Audition Information

Audition Requirements

Required tasks change every year - click here for the Music Audition Requirements.pdf for the 2018-19school year.



Arrive in the front lobby 15 minutes prior to audition, for warm-up. Practice rooms will be open. Come to the audition room warmed up!


Materials & Equipment

Pianos, percussion, amplifiers (for bass) cassette and CD players will be provided. Patch cords will NOT be provided. Bring a photocopy of your solo piece for the adjudicator.



The interview will determine the levels of motivation and potential.



Technical Study. Prepare a piece selected for individual instruments/voice.

(audition pieces by instrument)


Solo Piece. your choice


Sight Piece. Perform a short piece provided during the audition on your solo instrument/voice. Vocalists will be required to match pitches.


Ear Test. clap back rhythms, play back/sing back short melodies.


Theory. You may be asked the names of notes and types of rhythms.



Music at Cawthra is an exciting, demanding program. Students take part in an intensive schedule of classes, rehearsals and performances designed to improve their performance skills while widening their musical interests and understanding.

In their daily classes, students will have the opportunity to perform solo technique and repertoire in small and large ensembles and in a variety of styles: jazz, classical, pop, music theatre, and folk. They will also receive master classes, private clinics and lessons with professional musicians brought in through our Artist in the Classroom Program.


Cawthra's music program gives the students training in vital non-performance activities such as composing, computer music, conducting, theory units, music history, and ear training.


At Cawthra, music students can choose from a large array of co-curricular opportunities in small and large ensembles.


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