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Cawthra Park Secondary School

Visual Arts Audition Requirements


Visual Arts Applicants:  Please check your email  for the google form links and submit your audition materials before Tuesday, January 12 at 3:00 pm.

We are so excited that you are planning to audition for our program.  Given the current health recommendations in our province, our auditions this year will be virtual.  You will find all instructions and requirements below.  Once you have completed your online application  and the application deadline closes, you will be sent an email with a link to a Google Form where you will put your pre-recorded audition material. 

If you have any questions about the instructions below please contact the Regional Arts Department at: [email protected].


 Welcome to the Visual Arts audition process. This year the entire audition process will take place online in a virtual environment. The audition process will consist of two parts; a VIDEO INTERVIEW SUBMISSION in place of the traditional interview, and an ONLINE PORTFOLIO SUBMISSION in place of the traditional in-person PORTFOLIO REVIEW. In the VIDEO SUBMISSION, students will be given six (6) questions that they will need to answer (see more detailed instructions below). For the ONLINE PORTFOLIO SUBMISSION students will submit photographs of their work both required and personal choice (see more detailed instructions below). Both parts will be included in our evaluations.




For the video submission you will be required to film yourself answering six (6) pre-selected interview questions. It is mandatory for you to answer these questions directly to the camera unedited in one continuous shot. Save your creativity for your portfolio as this video needs to be simple and straight forward.


NOTE: You will be provided with information of where to submit your video after all applications have been received and audition confirmations have been sent out. All video submissions should be submitted in one of the following file formats: MP3, MP4, MOV, or AVI.




1. Why do you believe that the Cawthra Park Visual Arts Regional Arts Program is the right place for you?  How will art be an important part of your time in high school? 

2. Tell us why making art is important to you and how it affects your life? What are your personal goals when it comes to your art?  What is the most fun you have ever had marking art? 

3. What makes you happy? (Does not have to be art related) How do you spend your spare time? After school?  At home?  On the weekends?

4. Tell us about a time you were captivated by art? Was it in a gallery? On the Street?  Or somewhere else? Give use a detailed response.

5. What is the most significant artistic lesson you have learned from someone else? Where did you get that lesson? In school? In an art class? Online? And why did you feel this was an important lesson for you to learn?

6. Tell us about a time you have been successful? (Does not have to be art related) Did you overcome a difficulty? Teach yourself something?  Accomplish something you didn’t think you could or would be able to?




IN THE PORTFOLIO (specific details are noted below) you will include the following:

A. Four (4) required new artworks including all rough work and planning in a sketchbook,

B. A word-processed written paragraph explaining the Ultimate Treehouse required artwork.

C. A sketchbook that you have used over time

D. Five (5) previous artworks that you create independently


Please prepare this at home in advance and be ready with photographs that provide the best views of your 2D or 3D work and any rough work and planning you have done. (see link for some suggestions on how to photograph your work)


 You can use your smartphone camera for this if you do not have a DSLR. If you have digital artwork please provide the following:

- Photography, 2D Illustration, Digital Painting: JPG format
- 3D Digital Illustration for Character Animation, Architectural, Fashion, Industrial Design: 3 views in JPG format 
- Video, Animation: GIF, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4



Make sure you include the following information for each piece of art:

a. Title

b. Size (Inches for Traditional work, Pixels for digital work)

c. Medium for Traditional work (i.e. watercolour, pencil, etc.) or Software Used for Digital work (i.e. Procreate, Photoshop etc.)

d. Year created

NOTE: You will be provided with information of where to submit and upload your work after all applications have been received and interview confirmations have been sent out.


A. FOUR (4) NEW REQUIRED ARTWORKS (Include ALL ROUGH WORK, including research, visual resources, and rough drawings in the portfolio or sketchbook, labeled). New works are to be done on loose paper.


Paper Size: Minimum 12” x 15” (30 cm x 38 cm), Maximum 18” x 24” (46 cm x 60 cm.)  


1. A ‘head and shoulders’ self-portrait wearing a hat, done from a mirror, not a photo, made using pencil on paper

2. A drawing of a chair with two of your favourite items on it (coloured pencil)

3. A 3D piece and/or a digital piece

4. Conceptual Piece: Invent your “ultimate treehouse”. Paint the treehouse as if you are standing on the ground and looking up at the treehouse. Make sure you fill the page with the structure. Include some or all of the tree. Imagery and ideas must be original. While looking at images on the Internet is a good idea, we do not want to see copies of someone else’s solution to this creative problem. This piece must be a colour painting made using watercolour or acrylic. Title the piece to help the viewer understand your concept/idea. Include an Artist Statement for this piece. See instruction for Artist Statement below.

B. WRITTEN PARAGRAPH (Artist Statement) - Write a paragraph about your “ultimate treehouse” piece. A minimum five sentences, maximum of seven sentences. Describe visually the materials, shape and features of the treehouse. What is the treehouse used for? Paragraph needs to be concise. We will not read beyond 7 sentences.

• Describe the artwork
• Talk about the technique/colours/composition/the way it looks
• Mention the content/subject matter, ideas, and meaning in the artwork. Explain why your unique treehouse looks the way it does.
• Use correct grammar and spelling; use a computer.



​C. SKETCHBOOK - You will be asked to upload ALL rough work for the required new projects - from scribbles and research to your selected ideas. We want to see how you develop ideas as you work through these visual problems. Seeing HOW you think is very important to us. You will be evaluated on your rough work, and your finished work.


D. SELECT FIVE (5) PREVIOUS ARTWORKS showing your creative abilities in a variety of media, with many different subjects and ideas.

Select current artwork (completed in 7th or 8th grade)
• Include one of your best school projects using art in any subject
• One work NOT done for school or class, entirely of your own ideas
• At least 5 sketchbook pages showing your work over time. It could be something you have been practicing or a piece you are developing on your own.
• You may include paintings and drawings, sculpture, photography, original design, fashion, computer art and digital painting, and other creative work.
• Copying the works of other artists is a great way to develop your skills, but it is also important to include original artworks that show your imagination and effort.


IMPORTANT! In your collection of works and your sketchbook, we are looking for original art, good drawing and painting technique, rough work, evidence of creative thinking and a healthy imagination.

Below are some DOs and DON’Ts


• DO NOT hand in copies of work from other artists, both in a traditional or digital artwork. All of your work must be original and be your own.
• If a teacher has drawn on the work in any way, it is not suitable for your portfolio.
• Copies of cartoons and animated characters are okay as part of your sketchbook work but should not be included as your ‘previous art pieces’ unless the characters are of your own original designs.  Cartooning should be limited to a minimum.
• Most of the work in your sketchbook should be done from observation and not from photographs (drawing what you see in front of you in the real world not from a photograph).
• You may include some work done from imagination or memory.

Learn more about the Visual Arts Department:


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