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Rationale for a 21st Learning Model – Moral Imperative:


Central Peel Secondary School (CPSS) is a full service high school located in downtown Brampton, Ontario, Canada with a focus on 21st century learning.    CPSS’s plan is to “boldly” (What Qualities Bold Schools Share - Will Richardson) advance practices and school direction towards forward thinking, visionary work.  CPSS seeks not only to improve student success and achievement but also to lead other schools in the direction of 21st Century Learning.  Current research identifies the immediacy of the need for public education to adjust to current learning realities through both resources and pedagogy.  One quick read, providing, background on the need for education shift is as follows: What is 21st  Century Education?


Objectives for 21st Century Learning Model at CPSS:

·         To create a culture of YES, that promotes risk-taking and innovation in classroom programs, pedagogy and student learning, as well as, in the Peel District School Board itself;

·         To prepare students to be fully participating citizens in the 21st Century world of learning and work;

·         To co-create a digitally rich authentic learning environment that is project-based, inquiry-driven, and technology fueled;

·         To provide opportunities for students to engage in global collaboration, promoting social responsibility and increased global awareness;

·         To improve student outcomes.


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