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​Frequently Asked Questions 



1.      What is the Regional Strings Program?


The Regional Strings Program will offer students an opportunity for academic enrichment in the music program. Students have the opportunity to experience strings playing through:


      Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Strings


      Solo and Small Ensemble and Orchestral Playing



2.      What does the Regional Strings Program offer?


Through 4 years of study, students have the opportunity to learn through various methods, including:


      Qualified Strings/Music Teachers


      Professional coaching sessions


      Leadership opportunities


      Community partnerships


      Fieldtrips to live concerts and rehearsals


      Score reading and analysis


A Certificate of Excellence is granted upon successful completion of the program.



3      Who can apply to the Regional Strings Program?


        Students with no experience who are excited about studying the violin, viola, cello or bass in a Beginning Strings Class.


        Intermediate and Advanced Strings players who wish to continue instruction and to expand their study through Small Ensemble work.



4.      My son / daughter already attend high school (Central Peel Secondary School or elsewhere).  Can he / she apply to the Regional Strings Program for next school year?


The program is designed for students to study strings over a four-year period of time.  As such, we are only accepting applications from grade 8 students entering grade 9 next school year.  Students are required to take Music each semester. 


5.      How can I apply for the Regional Strings Program?


Applications will be available online at


6.      Is an audition required for the program?


There is an audition process for Intermediate and Advanced students applying to the program with previous strings experience.   Beginner students will not require an audition; however will be required to go through an interview process to be considered for the program.


       7.       We don’t live close to Central Peel.  How will my son/daughter get to and from school?


The Regional Strings Program at Central Peel Secondary School is open to all students who live north of the 401. In keeping with the Board’s policy for regional programs, bussing is not provided. Paid transportation, however, is available to students.  Central Peel is conveniently located at the corner of Kennedy Road and Queen Street in Brampton.  The Kennedy Bus line (north, south) stops in the front of the school.  The Zum Line runs frequently along Queen Street (east, west). 


Please note that The Peel District School Board policy states that students who choose to leave a Regional Program must return to their "home" school, and may not continue at the Regional program school if they are not participating in the program.

8.  Does my son/daughter have to buy the instrument?


No.  Students will be required to rent their instrument of study. Rent to own is an option.  Students who play the Bass will be provided with one from the school. 

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