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Message from the Principal


Welcome to the Regional Strings​ program at Central Peel Secondary School. 


While students in the Regional Strings program have the opportunity to excel in music, there are other advantages to this program.  Students develop long lasting friendships with other music students that can last throughout their four years at Central Peel and beyond. Some students may choose to continue their music studies in their post secondary education and have rewarding careers in the Music field.  Some will go on and choose challenging careers in other disciplines with music continuing to enrich their lives.  Research has shown that studying music improves academic ability, self-discipline, motivation, critical thinking and self-confidence.  These are skills that will benefit students in any field they choose.


The program supports academic excellence and provides flexibility in meeting individual student needs. Our teachers are committed to preparing you for life-long learning and achievement. As your principal, my wish is for all of you to have memorable and successful years at our wonderful school. I look forward to meeting you all.







John Colton


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