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Getting involved with your teen’s education is one way to boost their learning. When schools and parents work together, students are more motivated and engaged in their school experience. Reviewing study tip sheets, volunteering and participating in school council are all ways to show your teen that you value his or her education.




Immunization Announcement


Peel Public Health is currently reviewing the immunization records of all students at our school. In order to attend school in Ontario, your child must have a complete immunization record. It is your responsibility to make sure your child's record is updated.

If Peel Public Health does not have complete immunization records for your child, you will receive a letter in the mail telling you that your child's record needs to be updated. If you do not update the record by the date indicated on your letter, or you do not have a valid exemption, your child will not be allowed to attend school.


An incomplete record does not necessarily mean that your child has not been immunized—what it means is that Peel Public Health does not have a record of your child's immunizations. Your doctor does not send a record of this immunization to Peel Public Health—you must report this information directly. If you haven't already done so, you can update your child's record in one of three ways:


      Go online to and click on 'Report your child's immunization'

Fax the record to 905-502-7109

      Phone 905-799-7700 (Toll free: 1-888-919-7800). Translation services are available


To find out if your child's record is complete, and for information about free immunization clinics for students who do not have OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) or a record of immunization, call Peel Public Health at 905-799-7700. Caledon residents can call toll-free at 905-584-2216.



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