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Varsity Boys Cross Country Running


Varsity Girls Cross Country Running


Junior Boys Volleyball


Senior Boys Volleyball


Junior Girls Basketball


Senior Girls Basketball


Varsity Girls Flag Football


Varsity Boys Tennis


Varsity Girls Tennis


Varsity Boys Golf


Varsity Girls Golf




Junior Boys Basketball


Senior Boys Basketball


Junior Girls Volleyball


Senior Girls Volleyball


Varsity Boys Wrestling


Varsity Girls Wrestling




Marathon Club


Indoor Soccer Club


Table Tennis




Varsity Boys Lacrosse


Varsity Girls Lacrosse


Junior Girls Soccer


Senior Girls Soccer


Junior Boys Soccer


Senior Boys Soccer


Junior Boys Badminton


Senior Boys Badminton


Junior Girls Badminton


Senior Girls Badminton


Varsity Boys Indoor Cricket


Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee




Track and Field

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High school athletics are not only fun, but help students develop a healthy sense of competition that helps individuals develop physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

To learn more about athletics in Peel, visit the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association.

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