SciTech North
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Recent developments in science and technology have so radically altered the world we live in that it has been transformed in one short generation. Our students will have an exciting impact on our world as they discover, invent, and funnel their inspiration and creativity into the fields of science and technology. We will provide a four year foundation for our students, training their minds to see future possibilities that have not yet been imagined.


Students with a passion for science and technology will have the opportunity to explore their interests in an interdisciplinary, cross curricular program. Exploring a variety of disciplines through the lens of science and technology, our students will increase their knowledge, feed their curiosity, imagine new possibilities, and develop critical thinking skills. Students today must be life long learners with the ability to respond to constant change and innovation in the global community. Our students will not only respond, they will be the change agents and innovators of the future.


The SciTech classroom will be a highly contextualized learning environment with an emphasis on direct, hands on learning. The program will provide students with effective technological skills and the opportunity to apply those skills in distinct and integrated courses. Partnerships between industry, business and the school will provide students with educational experiences to help make career choices leading to a variety of pathways such as the world of work, apprenticeships, college or university.

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