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Welcome to Explore High Skills – Manufacturing at Chinguacousy



Chinguacousy is committed to our vision of creating a collaborative and innovative environment that develops critical thinkers and life long learners.





EHS- Manufacturing


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pic1.pngIn September students will have the opportunity to participate in unique learning experiences as part of their grade 9 and 10 programs. They can focus on an area of interest as they build self-confidence, learn essential skills, learn to take initiative and develop a sense of belonging in school and in the community. Students take anchor courses that will explore learning two specific learning skills: collaboration and initiative. Intentionally designed and co-constructed learning environments will empower modern learners to gain, focus and improve these learning skills using their creativity, critical thinking and innovation when exploring big ideas.


EHS – Manufacturing in Grade 9

Students will experience a rotational Exploring Technologies (TIJ1O0) course where they wipic 2.pngll have an opportunity to learn from teacher expertise in various broad based technologies – Manufacturing Technology, Technical Design, Communication Technology, Computer Science and Transportation Technology. They will be exploring Tech safety, Metallurgy, Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch Up, physical computing with a RasberryPi, Scratch and Python.


EHS – Manufacturing in Grade 10

Students will specialize in the Manufacturing Technology Course (TMJ2O) and take Discovering the Workplace (GLD2O). Focused Learning Activities allow students to connect classroom learning to career goals. At Chinguacousy students will participate in:

  • Focused learning activities that will enhance their knowledge and skills
  • Career exploration projects
  • A guest speaker series
  • Conduct industry representative interviews

My Blueprint to create Individual Pathway Plans to establish S.M.A.R.T goals.

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Experiential Learning and Certifications

To prepare for learning and working in the sector, students participate in:

- 20 hours of sector-related community involvement towards OSSD requirements

- experiential learning activities supported by community and industry partners

- Job-shadowing and job-twinning opportunities alongside co-op students

- Field trips to community colleges and universities

- Visiting apprenticeship fairs to explore opportunities in the trades

- Sector-recognized certification programs, including CPR and First Aid, WHMIS - Upon completion of the program, at the end of grade 10, students who have fulfilled all the requirements of the program will receive the EHS certificate and are able to continue onto the SHSM program.


For more information, contact Chinguacousy by phone: 905-791- 2400 Ext 410 or by email: [email protected]. To apply for this program, contact your grade 8 guidance counsellor or teacher.                                                      

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