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Welcome to Clarkson's Library Resource Centre



"At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross

that threshold, that magic threshold into a library,

we change their lives forever, for the better."

--President (then Senator) Barack Obama






The library is the hub for networking and information access at Clarkson SS; we have a strong, vital and friendly library program for all of our students.  In the library, we challenge students to achieve personal excellence; students are provided with purposeful learning experiences as teachers and teacher-librarians work collaboratively to improve student learning.  We empower students to be well-equipped for post-secondary study and work as global citizens and lifelong learners.


The collection continuously changes and expands to reflect the school community's diverse population and needs.  A technologically-rich environment is a part of our students' everyday lives; in the library, we embrace this and encourage the use of digital technologies such as online databases and electronic books.  The library myclass site can be accessed by students at school or at home and provides hundreds of excellent links and resources. 


The library program reflects Clarkson’s school values of Caring, Co-operation, Honesty, Inclusion, Respect and Responsibility.  Our commitment to our students’ well-being is clear: the library is a welcoming and inclusive space and our students want to come to the library.  Come on in!



The Library Staff


Teacher Librarians:  Ms. Tipler


Did you know that Ms. Tipler has 30 years of teaching experience in the diverse areas of English, science, drama, and civics?  You are in good hands!


Library Technician:  Mrs. Osborne



Take a Virtual Tour!


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