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As of September 2018, the Ministry of Education expects all school boards in Ontario to develop and maintain a policy to support students in schools who have Prevalent Medical Conditions (Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy and/or Anaphylaxis).  The Peel District School Board has developed Plans of Care to support students with Prevalent Medical Conditions to fully access school in a safe, accepting and healthy learning environment that supports student well-being.


A Plan of Care is a form that contains individualized information on a student with a Prevalent Medical Condition. It contains: preventative strategies to reduce the risk of medical incident, identification of school staff who will have access to the Plan of Care, identification of daily management activities, symptoms, emergency contact information, health care provider input (as appropriate). Health care provider information and signatures are optional for the Plan of Care but not for the administration of prescribed medication.


Parents/Guardians are encouraged to support in the implementation of this Ministry of Education policy by informing the school of their child's medical condition, assisting in the development and review of their child's Plan of Care annually, providing appropriate medication and supplies and seeking medical advice (where appropriate).


**Additional precautions for any medically fragile or immunocomprised students during the pandemic must be provided by the students' primary healthcare provider.


If your child requires a Plan of Care, please choose the most appropriate document and email to [email protected] OR [email protected] as soon as possible.


Plan of Care - Other.pdf


Plan of Care - Epilepsy.pdf


Plan of Care - Diabetes.pdf


Plan of Care - Asthma.pdf


Plan of Care - Anaphaylaxis.pdf

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