School Council
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Clarkson Secondary School


Parent Advisory Council Agenda


May 25, 2016 - 7:00 p.m.


Principal’s Conference Room


7:00 Welcome, Introduction and review of Agenda                       Chair


7:05 Approval of previous Minutes                                                Chair


7:10 Sac Rep                                                                                 Antonio D’Silva


7:15 Standing Reports:


         Principal’s report                                                                  Mary


         Treasurer’s report                                                                Sandra


         QSP Update                                                                        Sandra/Fay


7:30 Science Department Teacher Presentation                         Steven Chan


7:40 Parent Engagement Fund- Allocation                                  Mary


7:50 P.R.O. grant for next year?                                                  Mary


8:00 New Business?


8:10 Adjournment Chair

Student photo
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