School Council
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Clarkson Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council


November 16th - 7:00 p.m.

School Library



7:00    Welcome, Introduction, and review of Agenda                                  Chair


7:05    Student Advisory Council report                                                        SAC Rep


7:15    ARC (Accommodation Review Committee)                                       K.Geczi


7:25    School start time                                                                                 K.Geczi


7:30    Guidance Department Presentation                                                    Mr. Kinney


7:45    Principal’s Report                                                                                M. Zammit


7:50    Breakfast Café                                                                                    M. Zammit


7:55    Climate Team                                                                                      M. Zammit


8:00    Treasurer’s Report                                                                               S. Forsyth


8:05    Great Start 2016 Workshop report                                                       S. Forsyth


8:10    Fundraising Update


8:15    Principal / VP Profile                                                                             PAC


8:30    Other Business

           Bursary Recipient Criteria (Time permitting)


+/-8:40 Adjournment                                                                                        Chair


Next meeting Date: January 18, 2017



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