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Clarkson Secondary School – Parent Advisory Council



May 24, 2017


7:00 pm Principal’s Conference Room


7:00       Welcome, Introduction and review of Agenda           Chair


7:05       Approval of previous Minutes                                    Chair


7:10       Sac Rep                                                                     Danny Bojic


7:15       Standing Reports:

                      Principal’s report                                                Mary

                      Treasurer’s report                                              Sandra

                      QSP Update                                                      Sandra/Fay


7:30       College/ University Tours preparedness            Kathy/Guidance


7:45       Proposed meeting dates for next year: Discussion    Chair/Mary

                         Tuesday Sept 19th

                         Tuesday Nov. 14th

                         Tuesday Jan. 16th

                         Tuesday Mar. 20th

                         Tuesday May 22nd


                          Council elections to be held at first meeting.


7:55    Tour of the new Wellness Room                                   Mary


8:00     New Business?


8:10     Adjournment                                                                  Chair


Next Meeting: Tuesday September 19th, 2017 (if approved)


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