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Clarkson Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Minutes


November 25, 2014 - 7:00 p.m.

Principal's Conference Room




Sue Piotrowski, Chair                                        Guylaine Juteau, Secretary

James Kardash, Principal                                  Dylan Matthews, SAC Rep

May Wong, Teacher Rep                                   Laura Smiley, Teacher Rep

Debi Lawrence                                                   Ferzana Chaze

Kathy Zhao                                                        Anne Scurry

Anne-Marie May                                                Nicky Rossi

Margaret Morse                                                 



Minutes of September 17th, 2014 ~ Motion to Approve (N. Rossi) Seconded (D. Lawrence)

Carried – APPROVED


Council Minutes are posted on the school's website under the School Council tab for all to review at their leisure.


Council business


Treasurer vacancy ~ Kathy Zhao has come forward for position of Treasurer. Updated council listing:


2014/15 Advisory Council Election


Sue Piotrowski: Chair

Martine Brouillet: Past Chair

Guylaine Juteau: Secretary

Kathy Zhao: Treasurer

Debi Lawrence: Member at Large

Michael Tadgell: Member at Large & Sub-committee Volunteer

Kathy Zhao: Member at Large

Anne Scurry: Member at Large

Nicky Rossi: Member at Large

Mira Todosifovic: Member at Large

Vera Ndaba: Member at Large

Ferzana Chaze: Member at Large

Margaret Morse: QSP Organizer

Anne-Marie May: Organizer, Teacher Appreciation Day


SAC Report


  • SAC President Dylan Matthews on Clarkson's events, namely 'Taste of High School' which helps to integrate Grade 8 students with the next phase of school
  • Peel schools have established a 'General Council' to encourage representation at every grade of secondary school so all can have a voice not just senior students; a few volunteer representatives from every grade are welcomed to participate in meetings
  • Today (Nov 25th) is Charger in Charge day with a focus on equity and exclusivity; students participated in a Talent Show
  • Kidsfest pairs grade 1 & grade 11 students in assorted activities
  • SAC goal is to organize bigger events and involve more of school body



  • PRO grant                   $724.26
  • Parent Engagement    $500.00
  • QST Mag Fundraiser  $198.04                       TOTAL $1,422.30
  • Clarkson joined with 6 other schools to fund an Innovation & Creativity presentation by George Couros
  • QSP magazine fundraiser is expected to raise approximately $400


Principal's Report

  • School is now equipped with televisions that continuously update current events including CTV/RSS newsfeed; weather; upcoming school events and our Twitter feed
  • Upcoming sporting events to include scores and more promotional information
  • Numerous events including a Holiday Concert; photo contest
  • Various activities with feeder schools and outreach advertising include promotional giveaways include Clarkson Charger phone chargers and USB bracelets
  • Yearbook to include an embedded video
  • Newsletter is available online via video – see school website
  • Grade 9 & 10 math curriculum is the most challenging and we are working to address the gaps; Hillcrest & Hillside math teachers are working with Clarkson to identify strategies for success; Math Senior Scholars – students assist others during lunch hour
  • Flip class concept was discussed – lesson on YouTube; students view this at home and do homework at school and receive teacher support at that time
  • Miss Wong to outline 'Flip' class process at January council meeting
  • Counting on You program for afterschool support
  • Exams & final report cards coming up in January/15


Topics for upcoming meetings

  • Guidance department: January
  • International program: April


Meeting Dates for next school year are as follows:


Wednesday – January 21/15

Tuesday – April 21/15


Council Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and take place in the Principal's Conference Room.

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