School Council
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 Clarkson Secondary School

School Council Meeting

 September 19, 2017


In attendance:


Laurel Mackay-Lee

Mary Etesani,

Helen Hoang

Keli Li

Chelsea Era

Fordeliza Roco

Melissa Whitaker

Brian Hudson

Angela Norris

Debbie Foss

Sylvia Daniel

Ann-Marie May

Sandra Forsyth

Christine Chung

Kathy Geczi

Mary Zammit

May Wong


Student Council Report – Sandra Bojic, Student Activity Council President


Principal Welcomed Parents; introduced Brian as last year's School council Chair;

Brian and Mary explained the election process

Brian outlined the nominations submitted

Brian Hudson- School Council Chair

Anny-Marie May- Events Coordinator

Helen Song- Events coordinator

Sandra Forsyth- Treasurer

No nominations for Secretary


Other parents were invited to submit nominations for any role

Brian explained as there was only one applicant for each position; all positions were granted to the nominees


Individuals were all appointed as indicated below

Motion Carried


No individual nominated for Secretary role; decided that notes would be taken by a rotating secretary


Chair- Brian Hudson- outlined general organization of meetings, and role of council



Student Advisory Council Report- Presented BY Sandra Bojic

  • Sandra highlighted carious roles on school council
  • Outlined various events the Student Council plans to offer this year; first activity of the year was grade 9 orientation day;  was a huge success. SAC offer support and mentorship but year long mentorship to grade 9s is done by Link Crew Students
  • Sandra explained how SAC elections are run; students can self- nominate and run an election in May of each year; this year's SAC was selected by student body last MAY
  • Sandra explained how SAC has expanded to include grade 9 reps this past year and moving forward


    Principal's Reports –Presented by Mary Zammit
  • Highlighted the schools Theory of Action and Goals for the Year
  • Power point Presentation on the Board's Focus on Empowering Modern Learners
  • -Explained the 6 elements and that the focus across the school will be to review and revise the assessments in all courses; focus on the 30% summative to ensure tasks are meaningful and "rich" to students; this process will be all year and likely continue into next year
  • Shared information about school opening and the importance 9 orientation program as part of the inclusion of new students into the Clarkson Community; special training provided to Link Crew teachers to facilitate a mentorship program; Sr. students mentor grade 9 s all year long; Grade 9s will also do an interest survey so that we can invite students to participate in clubs and teams they have interest in.
  • Breakfast program has started; approximately 80 students served per day; free; school receives donations and does a fundraiser every year to help with costs; staff and student; good opportunity for students to get community service hours



    Next Meeting: November 15








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