School Council
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​Clarkson Secondary School

School Council Meeting

January 8, 2018


In attendance: Angela Norris-Siemens, Sandra Forsyth, Angelo Kontos- Vice Principal, Brian Hudson, Debbie Foss, Anne-Marie May, May Wong, Kathy Geczi


Student Council Report – No student Representative Available; Principal Provided Summary


Treasurer's Report- Sandra Forsyth

  • Still have funds available and need to plan for use of funds based on the criteria from the application and the original plans; needs to focus on Parent Engagement
  • Suggestion for a possible parent workshop; consensus reached on a Scholarship Workshop
  • Kathy G. to work with Guidance on content and research possibilities
  • May host a dinner along with workshop- looking at date of May 9
  • treasurer reviewed how funds can be used; divided duties for initial planning



Principal's Report – Presented by VP Angelo Kontos

-Hackergal in December;60 feeder school  female students; mentored by sr. Clarkson students; coding; build confidence, build relationship with school


Holiday Concert- by Art Department in December

-Mr. Arthurs coordinated with Arts student council

-band, individual performances, small group and small band performances and choir


Arts week- November

Professional Chef at Lunch

Cawthra Billy Elliot Field trip to live performance

Art Therapy

Lunch Coffee House- various talents showcased


SAC- December

  • Winter wonder week activities-  included grade 1 visits to Clarkson with Sr. Students hosting celebration and activities


Link Crew

-events for grade 9;s continue- movie lunch premier

-Coco and Cram study tips


Climate Team- staff, students, health nurse, staff- about 40 people- school council parents welcome to come; just let us know and can be added to monthly meetings

-Diversity is Power- Charger in Charge Day

  • Anthony Mclean- guest speaker; challenge people to think out of the box, recognize stereotypes and take time to get to know people; don't judge
  • Diversity Tree
  • Living Library
  • Events at lunch- mindfulness, yoga, various clubs and group promoting causes- Me to Me, etc.


  • They Continue to meet monthly to play events for the school- for exam week- healthy snacks, Therapy Docs, Mindfulness room drop each morning; breakfast club offers free breakfast every day and will continue during exams


  • Semester 2 will run mental Health week with many activities for students


  • Climate Team is applying for the Premiers Award for Safe and Accepting School- share what we do as a school; Clarkson is well know throughout the board for its mental health and climate efforts- Mindfulness, Sashbear- grade 9 program, Guidance Department focus on whole student, Charger in Charge, Mental Health Week, Student Lead groups, Cancer Drive


Prom Committee

  • School Dance- about 150 attended; student DJ


Current Sports will soon wrap up






Spring sports starting-



Track and Field


Re: Letter sent home; explain what supports have been in place

  • Visited each class of the victim student
  • Support to staff and students
  • Critical incident on site


Next Meeting:  March 21


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