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Clarkson Secondary School

School Council


Tuesday September 25, 2018

Principal's Conference Room



Clarkson SS School Council Sept 26/18 -Revised Oct 1/18

Present:  Mary Zammit, May Wong, Christine Chung, Anne-Marie May,

Nicky Rossi, Deborah Foss, Karolina Van Kessel, Sylvia Daniel, Angela Norris Siemens, Vyjayanthi Janakiraman

Regrets:  Brian Hudson, Sandra Forsythe


May will be moving on to other committees and the Council thanks her for all her excellent support over the past years.



Brian Hudson, Chair

Sandra Forsythe, Treasurer

Kathy Geczi, Secretary

Members at large: Karolina Van Kessel, Nicky Rossi, Christine Chung, Anne-Marie May



Strong team this year.  Grade nine breakfast showcased opportunities to get involved.  Fall fun fair for grade eights was success, supported by SAC Ambassadors.

Upcoming events:  Spirit Days, World Teacher Day, Open House, Parent Night.

Goal:  provide leadership opportunities.



Field is now actively under construction.  Hoping turf is done in time for homecoming.  Track likely for the spring.

Building now fully accessible, elevator to be completed.


OPEN HOUSE:  Wed Oct 3/18, a few Council Members needed to attend.  Angela,  Anne-Marie and Christine will man our table from 6:00-6:30. Debbie will man the table 6:30–7:00.  At the end of last year principals coordinated Open House dates so there would be no conflicts.


PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEW NIGHT:  Wed Oct 24/18, 5:00-6:00.  School Council will have a table.  A fund raising opportunity for the scholarship fund.   

Fundraising sale items:  the group will correspond by email to decide on food items to sell.

Christine and Anne-Marie coming for 5:00 -5:20, Debbie and Anne-Marie 5:20-5:40, Kathy Geczi 5:40-6:00.

50th Anniversary event is planned by Alumni with staff support, School Council does not take on the tasks.  May 25/19 is the date.

Football North now in third year and expanded to Junior Team.  Ten students who are part of Mississauga Swim, train at UTM and attend CSS.

Soccer North  didn’t materialize.

We are encouraged to keep track of school events.  Use this link to access twitter:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vR2PEORAvDRg7g7PEXD1qL4YwlHYyocTfgA_RxaagjTyDGAKOM4Dsc8iYUyR-3_D70vtzO_YhVhRHUu/pub?start=true&loop=false&delayms=10000



Sandra has applied for Parent Reaching Out grant for $1,000.

We get $500 automatically from Min of Ed.


Scholarships presentation Thurs Nov 8, 6:00 dinner, 7:00 presentation.  Capacity 50 people.  Costco (wraps, salad, etc incorporating dietary needs) Christine and Angela.  Mary will put a notice out to parents.


Christine will be creating School Council board for display at events. 


Next School Council Meeting:  Tuesday Nov 20, 7:00

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