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Clarkson Secondary School

School Council Minutes

Tuesday, March 26, 2019



  1. Previous minutes
  2. SAC report
  3. Principal's report
  4. New business
  5. Next meeting – May 21




Principal Zammit, Vyjayanthi Janakiraman, May Wong, Kathy Geczi, Anne-Marie May, Angela Siemens, Nicki Rossi, Sandra Forsyth, Deborah Foss, Bruce Foss




Brian Hudson, Christine Chung, Karolina Van Kessel, Sylvia Daniel


SAC Report:

  • Semi-formal – record ticket sales, lots of fun, DJ was great
  • Looking forward – two big events:  (1) Cancer Drive – annual BBQ and carnival; (2) for the 50th anniversary – SAC is going to do a performance or act
  • We have a new Charlie mascot costume.


Principal's Report:

  • Monday March 27 – grade 11 college pathway's workshop – focus on degree and bridging programs
  • Cancer Drive – upcoming (Monday April 29 to Friday May 3) – lots of excitement because it is also our 50th anniversary. Student executive is already promoting on social media.  Alumni member is coming back to speak.  A lot of traditional things will run and the students may have new ideas
  • Clarkson's 50th anniversary – day time basic registration and evening social event.  You can register https://www.clarkson50th.com/  
    • Mary will send an email blast with a call out for donations, gift certificates or connections to business.  The letter this year will be distributed.  There is a silent auction – different from past years because this auction has sponsorship levels.  The letter answers most questions.  A lot of this is win-win for the business and recognizing the business.
    • The Mississauga News article https://www.mississauga.com/community-story/9232941-clarkson-secondary-gives-back-with-a-motorbike-makeover/ – one of the items that will be featured is the motorbike.  It will be auctioned off at 8 pm.
    • We have some donations and some parents have donated.  We are grateful with whatever comes our way.
    • There is a huge opportunity for students to volunteer.  All the students that sign up will get a free T-shirt and pizza.
    • Alumni will be helping but they want to be part of the events.
    • Request for School Council to guide students during the event – Saturday May 25, 2019.  If anyone can give an hour or more.
    • We will have a self-serve photo booth.


Treasurer's Report:

  • Approximately $153 in the budget + $112.40 from the bake sale from Parents' Night.
  • We still need to spend the remainder.
  • Approximately $700 for the Parent Outreach Grant
  • Brainstormed ideas – give some thought to how we can spend this for next meeting
  • Discussion around consideration towards graduation, products to give away (e.g., bumper stickers, key chain, scarf), postage for mail-outs
  • Will discuss again at the next meeting.



  • Will put $500 towards new mascot costume.
  • Please consider spending the rest of your budget.


No Bus Days:


Some of the parents were discussing this and the challenge of what to do.  Can we support the staff in any way when it comes to this?  Recognize that some students are bussed, some students watch younger siblings.


Consistent messaging – expectation that you go to school and that there is learning happening.


Perhaps in the Fall – speak to the fellow parents to let them know there is meaningful learning and student should attend if they can get there safely.  Can we use the Parent Reaching Out Grant?  Bookmark or a fridge magnet.


Consistent message from the Principal before the next school closure.

Hoping to change the culture.


ACTION ITEM:  Can someone look into a quote about 250-500 magnets – Anne-Marie has a contact and will look it.  Vyju will design.


Parents like the 6 am calls only when there is a closure.

They love the communication and don't want any changes.


Teacher's Appreciation:


Tuesday May 7 – donations are welcome – food, drinks, flowers, able bodies to volunteer

Can we get these donations without a letter on the letterhead?  It is around the same time as Cancer Drive and Clarkson's 50th anniversary

If there was a blurb done by School Council – Mary can send it out as a call-out.


ACTION ITEM:  Anne-Marie will write a paragraph about the event so school can send to parents


Can everyone share with 3 friends, and get them to share with 2 friends, etc.?


ACTION ITEM:  Angela will collect the data from parents and create a spreadsheet to organize the donations


Make it a potluck – it is less stressful.


Increased Class Sizes:


Unclear information yet from Ministry of Education

A school this size would lose two staff for every increase of one more student per class.  In a small school this will impact the variety of classes CSS can offer, especially for electives.

Parents should write to their MPP and School Trustee.

Trustees will be writing Ministry of Education

Central message may be coming from CBO.

Staff reduction would also mean less extracurricular.


If you live in Mississauga Centre, bounded by Dundas, River, Eglinton, Mavis, you can email our MPP to express your concerns about cutbacks to education, [email protected]



Next Meeting Tuesday May 21, 2019 - Agenda

  1. Has anybody seen the deadline for the grant requests?
  2. Increased Class Sizes
  3. Budget
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