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Clarkson Secondary School

School Council Minutes

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Present:  Debbie Foss, Bruce Foss, May Wong, Christine Chung, Kathy Geczi, Nicki Rossi, Sandra Forsyth, Angela Siemens, Mary Zammit, Anne-Marie May


Regrets:  Brian Hudson




SAC Elections – voting for members coming up, plus voting for valedictorian.


Congratulations to Ethan Chung and Robbie Bowman, who will be co-presidents next school year.


LINK crew – nominations coming for this leadership opportunity.


Last week was Spring Concert – family studies baked, art students displayed work, drama students created video, plus there was dance, music – it was a showcase of the creative arts departments.


Police Appreciation Week was two weeks ago and the police have a fun day coming in June, different units available for students to consider for future.


Freedom Pass – City of Mississauga free summer pass for bus and pools, 12-14 year olds.


Firefighters Assoc – camp available for $150 for girls interested in becoming fire fighters.


Many other community opportunities are updated on Instragram and Twitter.




Reveal will be after 50th anniversary




Volunteers from Parent Council needed to help with walk in registrants.  Sandra volunteer to help with walk-ins.  Students are also volunteering, more needed.  Nikki, Christine and Angela may also be available, will let May know.




Four retirements this year, therefore only one teacher is excess to region, but we will not be hiring for these five departures.  There will be some shuffling of staff next year to cover some of these.  Some classes will be dropped if there are not enough students and some classes will be dropped due to fewer staff.


This year we have 51 teachers based on 760 kids, next year CSS is allocated 49 teachers for 785 students.  Compulsory classes cannot be cut, therefore, some electives are having to be cut.


Some students may be directed to night school, e-learning or summer school.  Campussing is not yet being considered.  To achieve class averages of 28 students is a challenge, very difficult for smaller schools.  E-learning will be a challenge for many students, beyond academics some families don’t have wifi.   Ford government expects four of the 30 credits to be done on-line.




Parent engagement fund went to supporting Mascot.


Reaching out grant $770 left, some will go to supporting grade nine parent involvement


Thanks to a kind donation from the Fosses we now have $306.10 available so far for the two bursaries.  The awards will be given to students who demonstrate the six PDSB character.  Staff will select recipients.  Christine will present the awards at the graduation assembly Thursday June 27, 1:00 pm.




Staff pass along theirs thanks to the parents who put on a delicious luncheon in appreciation of all the staff do to teach and support our kids.


Next Year’s School Council Meeting dates: 

Tuesday September 24, 2019, 7:00 pm


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