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Clarkson Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes


March 10, 2020


Present:  Brian Hudson, Mary Zammit, Angelo Kontos, Robbie Bowman, Christine Chung, Nicky Rossi, Angelo Santos, Anne-Marie May, Kathy Geczi


Regrets:  Sandra Forsythe


Review of Minutes:  Approved


SAC Report:  Robbie


Spirit Week this week – Monday was decades games, Tuesday was movie Character Day, Wednesday is Jersey Day, Thursday is Clarkson Day, Friday is PJ Day, grade nines very enthusiastic about spirit week


Semi-formal this Thursday – sales are excellent, New York Night Theme, Lakeshore Convention Centre, dinner at 7:00, closes at 11:00 pm


April – Cancer Drive, week of April 20


New SAC elections in May


SAC is working hard and the council is very committed


Prom is at Royal Botanical Gardens, Enchanted Garden Theme, DJ is booked


Suggestion from Anne-Marie that we arrange a bus from the school, however, typically students arrange their own rides, we may not get many students who are interested.  Many organizational variables could jeopardize this.  We will stay with students and families arranging their own transportation.


Principal’s Report:  Mary Zammit


Corona virus – PDSB takes direction from Peel Health.  Extra cleaning is being done daily. Hand sanitizers are being installed tomorrow throughout the school.  Teachers have sanitized wipes in the class.  Students and staff are asked not to wear masks as this creates stress, plus stay home if you are sick.  Travel over March Break – those travelling to China and Iran are asked to self-quarantine.


Job Action – Class room and extracurricular are not impacted.  Job action impacts admin.


Parent Night – March 25, opportunity for Parent Council to have a table for fundraising.  New format for Parent Night, 5-6:00 meet and greet in the library, 6:00 move into the cafeteria, using long tables for parent-teacher conversations.  Second hour will still be by appointment or informal if teacher is available.


French competition at CBO – a few CSS students will go to provincials.

Boys baseball practice started yesterday.

Track and Field is starting.

Engineering Idol – U of T competition was on Saturday, they came in third. They have designed a developed a roof water filtration system for homes.

International Wmen’s Day breakfast on Friday at City Hall with the Mayor.  Ms Zammit took several students

Librarian arranged Skpe with author.

Some colleges were into the school this week.

Math Dept has created a schedule where there is always a teacher or senior tutor available during lunch.

Toastmasters started this week.

Poster project happening in Art.

McKoys catered a lunch for Black History Lunch, Carribbean culture.

Awards ceremony Feb 26, 300 students received awards.

Project Milk Bags, our students are doing the full production of sleeping mats.

Grade 10 literacy EQAO may be impacted by job action, it will be a last minute Ministry directive.  Students who may struggle will be getting support.  Camp I Can over March Break available for students of concern.


Teacher Appreciation Day:  Anne-Marie May

Tuesday May 5, Anne-Marie will contact us via email. 

Christine will provide a sample letter asking parents to donate a small item for the brunch.

Office will send out letter to parents.

We will need two to three people to set up and two to three people to clean up.


Treasurer’s Report:  Christine Chung

Scholarship Fund:  balance: $139.35.  Use Parent Engagement fund to provide free snacks and ask for a donation from parents to the Scholarship fund at Mar 25 Parent night.  Christine will create a flyer re donating on line to scholarship fund.

Another idea for next year:  Flip Gift, we need to promote it starting in Sept, donors receive an electronic card. 

Parent Engagement Fund:  $500

Parent Reaching Out (Pro Grant):  $600, a small portion is for refreshments, the balance is for the speaker and communication materials.

Brian will follow up with Sandra to see if she was able to contact a speaker.


Specialist High Skills Major:  Angelo Kontos

Ms Wong has created a professional slide deck re SHSM.

SHSM is for Gr 11 and 12 student and provides pathway to work place, trade apprenticeships, colleges, universities.

35 students in program.  Students gain work experience, additional training paid for ex First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, many free perks.

Dual Credit enrollment is increasing.  Earn college credits while at high school.  Students do have to stay caught up in their high school work.  Helps with maturing.  26 students enrolled in Dual Credit.  Woman in trades is being promoted.


Next meeting:  May 26, 2020 @ 7:00 p.m.


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