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Clarkson Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Minutes


April 17, 2013 - 7:00 pm

Principal’s Conference Room





Martine Brouillet, Chair (absent)

Cathy Patterson, Principal

Jim Kardash, Vice-Principal

Sue Piotrowski, Treasurer

Guylaine Juteau, Secretary

Anne-Marie May

Debi Lawrence

Jayne Manktelow

Suzanne Zottola, (Art)

May Wong, (Business)

Gus Vassiliou, (English)

Kathy Tippler, (Library, Drama)

Lisa Ngo-Nguyen (SAC)

Sylvia Vanroose

Kenya Isaac



Approval of previous Minutes – January 23, 2013                                   APPROVED


Principal’s Report

·         Cathy Patterson updated council that extra curricular activities are back up and running in full force at Clarkson HS.

·         She noted the following events: Coffee House – May 16; Concert – June 4; Athletic Banquet – May 30, PALS group have begun various activities; there was a Day of Pink event

·         Because of last year’s success Clarkson is hosting an Girls Night in – May 15 (3-7pm) and for the first time Boys Night In – May 14 (3-7pm). The theme for these nights is “Mental Wellness”. Open to all grades with self-registration.

·         The wireless system is fully active now throughout the school.


Presentation by Suzanne Zottola (Art Dept)

·      Suzanne presented an overview and updated us on the Art Department.

·      She reviewed the various curriculum from grade 9 through 12.

·      Additionally, starting the upcoming school year, the photography has gone digital.

·      She discussed the ‘Capture Clarkson’ event hosted by the Clarkson Youth Arts Hub.

·      She also noted that students are shown the various post secondary pathways available to them at various grades.


Presentation by Kathy Tipler (Library, Drama Dept)

·      Kathy provided a program overview, including intro to methods of acting, monologues, character development, scene study and improvisation.

·      She noted several graduates have gone on to be successful in drama, receiving scholarships.


Presentation by Gus Vassilou (English Dept)

·      Gus shared that grades are still covering the ‘classics’

·      There is now more movement to contemporary writings

·      They are adapting courses for the International Students as well

·      They are aware of a need for variety of programs to reach all students


SAC Report

·      Lisa Ngo-Nguyen reported on behalf of SAC noting the kickoff for the Camp Oochigeas was this week.

·      This week’s goal is $2,000 with a total fundraising goal is $19,000.

·      Spring Fling – May 24 to get feeder schools familiar with Clarkson (feeder schools include Hillside, Greenglade & Hillcrest)

·      Prom is June 14 at Mississauga Grand (Brunel Road)



·      Current balance @ April 14th $1,555.98.  A disbursement of $300 would be provided for the Council Award plus a previously approved amount of $536.24 to Community at Peace.

·      There will also be an additional disbursement of $170.18 for the Library.


The following occurred after the April 17th meeting and are summarized below:

  • @Jan 26th We received $25 from a parent for the vitality fund. It will be transferred to the slo-pitch team to support a student-athlete in need.  
  • At our meeting in January, we voted to allocate the parent reaching out grant to Ccap for their event.  Sue has advised us that they will not be able to use it this current school year and the grant cannot be carried over to future years.  The administration  suggested this grant be allocated to Multifest. The description of the event is below. The allocation includes $500 plus the $36.24 remaining funds from last year. Voted in favour: Martine, Guylaine, Debi, Sue - CARRIED


An evening where student identity and diversity is celebrated.  Students and families together join in a celebration on Friday, May 24, 2013 at Clarkson Secondary School.  The evening consists of a fashion show and a multicultural talent show including former students who return to share positive messages with students.  The evening highlight will be the international food fair, which is a potluck. Clarkson families are invited to bring in a dish from around the world to highlight an important aspect of culture.   Multifest invitations will be extended to community organizations along with the Clarkson Secondary School families. The evening is designed to engage families and students within the school community.


Staff Appreciation Treat Day

·      It was agreed we would go ahead with this event to be held May 7th.

·      A note to go home this Friday with the students.

·      Lisa Ngo-Nguyen would look into getting a donation from Panera Bread.

·      A letter on Clarkson Letterhead would be prepared for Metro, Panera and Starbucks for their donations.


Student Award

·      There are funds for two students and the intent is that they each receive $150 to assist them with their academic needs after high school. It was agreed that this funding must be derived from other than parent donations. Ideal recipients would be attending post secondary education, demonstrating exemplary school attendance, having academically achieved their fullest potential and in financial need. The Guidance Office will take the criteria into account and select the recipients to be presented by a Council member in June at graduation.

Upcoming Meetings:


September 18, 2013

November 20, 2013

January 22, 2014

April 16, 2014


Council Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and take place in the Principal’s Conference Room.                                   

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