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Clarkson Secondary School

Advisory Council Minutes


January 22, 2014 - 7:00 p.m.

Principal’s Conference Room





Martine Brouillet, Jim Kardash, Sue McMillan, May Wong, Anne-Marie May, Margaret Morse, Nicky Rossi, Debi Lawence, Sue Piotrowski, Guylaine Juteau


Martine Brouillet moved to approve November 20, 2013 Minutes Carried - APPROVED


Principal’s Report

  •  Principal Kardash gave an overview of the happenings at Clarkson, noting the completion of the EQAO math test
  • He provided a flyer for the Girls and Boys empowerment sessions on Feb 11 and 12
  • Keynote speakers are Mayor Hazel McCallion and Chris Hatch
  • There would be a formal dance on Feb 25th with a Mardi Gras theme. Also the school was celebrating the winter Olympics with Olympic themed activities

 SAC Report

  • Deferred to next meeting as students are currently studying for final exams

 Review of Principal & VP Skills


  • This is done yearly and existing documents have been carried over from previous year

Bylaws Committee


  • Martine Brouillet moved to accept the Bylaws as presented

Seconded by Niky Rossi     - APPROVED


Presentation from Guidance Dept.

  • Sue McMillan provided insights on the Guidance department
  • She presented an interactive website called ‘myblueprint.ca’ which the students are using to track their study credits and possible university path
  • It was suggested that Sue make a short version of this presentation and have it uploaded to the school’s website so others can see the process


  • $517.14 raised from the QSP Magazine Fundraiser of which $300 is earmarked for Council Awards
  • $500 to be applied to Parent Engagement
  • $500 to be applied to the PRO Grant
  • There would be follow up on the status of tent(s) for the school regarding cost. It was estimated tents would cost $250-$350 ea.
  • There was some discussion regarding other items on the school’s ‘wish list’
  • It was suggested that the donation form be issued by email to the distribution list
  • QSP promotional material would be issued with the Report Cards on Feb 7/14


Other business

  • Topics for future Council meetings include a presentation from:

*      April – French Immersion and English


Meeting Dates for this school year are as follows:


Wednesday - April 16, 2014          


Future Council Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and take place in the Principal’s Conference Room.                               

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