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Clarkson Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Minutes


April 21, 2015 - 7:00 p.m.

Principal's Conference Room



Sue Piotrowski, Chair                                     Martine Brouillet, Co-chair

Guylaine Juteau, Secretary                            James Kardash, Principal      

Dylan Matthews, SAC Rep                             Debi Lawrence

Ferzana Chase                                               Anne Scurry

Anne-Marie May                                             Nicky Rossi

Margaret Morse                                              Mira Todosijevic



Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Minutes of January 21, 2015 ~ Motion to Approve (M. Brouillet) Seconded (D. Lawrence)

Carried – APPROVED


Council Minutes are posted on the school's website under the Council tab for all to review.


SAC Report


SAC President, Dylan Matthews highlighted student activities:

  • Assorted International activities and events designed to integrate students
  • 190 tickets sold for Semi-formal which was a great success
  • Camp Ooch Cancer Drive BBQ and lots activities being held. Goal: $19,000
  • Total raised will be announced May 29th but the feeling is that this year's Drive was a great success
  • Student Council is adding International Representation on Student Council
  • Mental Health Awareness Week coming up and plans are in motion for activities
  • Graduating SAC President (Dylan) thanked Parent Council


Principal's Report


  • Clarkson has been hosting cancer drives for the past 41 years and to date has raised an estimated $650,000
  • Attendance at Boys Night – 135 / Girls Night – 120-150 and both events were a huge success
  • Clarkson Swim Team placed in top 10 for OFFSAA and 2nd by .5 at ROPSAA. Thanks to Coaches Sue MacMillan and Laura Smiley for their hard work and dedication.
  • Parents' Night was a great success with double the attendance over previous
  • Clarkson Alumni is establishing  a council to celebrate Clarkson's 50th Anniversary to support school, students and various initiatives


  •  Magazine Fundraiser     $449.08 (YTD – down from last year)
  • There was a discussion around perhaps emailing reminders or Tweeting to renew subscriptions rather than paper distribution which is not environmentally friendly and costly.



Current Balance $821.75

  • $275 –  Piano for Music Dept.
  • $200 –  Library purchase of chairs
  • $46.75 – Teacher Appreciation Day
  • $300 – for Council Awards to 2 students @ $150 each as identified by Guidance Department

    PRO & Parent Engagement Funds
  • Allocation of PRO ( $714.26) & Parent Engagement ($500) Funds to be allocated to the table skirts for school and parent events

Motion to Approve (M. Brouillet) Seconded (A-M May) Carried – APPROVED


International Program Presentation

  1. Deferred to next school year as there were no teachers in light of the pending strike action


Staff Appreciation Day

  • In light of the pending strike action by teachers, there were mixed feelings on the appropriateness of going forward with this event so it was decided that it would be kept casual and those who wanted to participate were welcome to do so.


Upcoming Meeting Dates


There was a decision made to schedule 5 meetings per school year in order to better manage Agenda items and stay within appropriate meeting times. Five meetings on alternate months include: September, November, January, March and May. Dates to be determined at the next meeting of the new Council.


Next meeting: Wednesday – September 23/15


 Council Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and take place in the Principal's Conference Room.

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