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Clarkson Secondary School

Parent Advisory Council Minutes


September 17, 2014 - 7:30 p.m.

Principal's Conference Room



Sue Piotrowski, Chair                                        Martine Brouillet, Past Chair

James Kardash, Principal                                 Dylan Matthews, SAC Rep

May Wong, Teacher Rep                                  Laura Smiley, Teacher Rep

Debi Lawrence                                                  Margaret Morse

Kathy Zhao                                                        Anne Scurry

Anne-Marie May                                                Nicky Rossi

Mira Todosifovic                                                Muniza Nadeem

Vera Ndaba                                                       Ferzana Chaze

Michael Tadgell


Motion to approve April 16th, 2014 Minutes                           Motion Carried - APPROVED


Council election


Call for nomination for the different position on the council. The following parents were appointed / elected:


2014/15 Advisory Council Election


Sue Piotrowski: Chair

Martine Brouillet: Past Chair

Guylaine Juteau: Secretary

VACANT – TBD: Treasurer

Debi Lawrence: Member at Large

Michael Tadgell: Member at Large & Sub-committee Volunteer

Kathy Zhao: Member at Large

Anne Scurry: Member at Large

Nicky Rossi: Member at Large

Mira Todosifovic: Member at Large

Vera Ndaba: Member at Large

Ferzana Chaze: Member at Large

Margaret Morse: QSP Organizer

Anne-Marie May: Organizer, Teacher Appreciation Day


SAC Report


  • Pals breakfast was held and went smoothly
  • September is about getting the grade 9 involved and integrating them
  • grade 9/12 activity day will be held next week
  • goal is to integrate everyone


Principal's Report


  • Start of the school year went very smoothly
  • Over 70% attended pre-registration
  • Held a great assembly
  • Reminded the staff to have their doors open at the beginning of the day
  • 5 new TVs were installed throughout the school to broadcast news from the school: announcement, twitter feed etc…
  • One of the new tents was set up at the assembly and are awesome
  • University fair are being held at lunchtime in the coming weeks
  • Grade 8 parent night is coming on October 16th and the administration would like to have a few parents volunteers to come and help
  • From a total of 83 last school year, we are now at 115 international students and forecast is 140 for next semester. There are 3 large classes of grade 9 in the FI stream and now 6 full time teachers in the language department. More numbers to come for the enrollment of the school
  • October 3rd will be an early release day and will be the fall fair and a football game. All grade 8 are also invited and will be provided with an opportunity to sit in on some classes on optional subjects. Food will be sold
  • Discussion around the International students and how they are supported
  • Discussion around the importance to collect emails from parents and communicate with that method. Mr Kardash informed us that all emails were deleted by the board following the July 1st CASL regulations. They must now begin the process of collection over again
  • Discussion around the perception of Clarkson around the community and the issue of smokers in front of the school




  • $500 will be allocated from the PRO grant
  • Current balance: $532.14 which will cover the cost of the tent. $46.75 will be assigned to staff appreciation
  • QSP flyers will be sent out at midterm and again in the new year. New instructions were placed on the website. Discussion around the importance to promote this as large amounts can be raised. Members at large are invited to suggest ideas and help for this.
  • Donation form will be revised. Mr Kardash to forward new items to fundraise for to Martine/Sue to update the form. This form will be sent with the mid term and posted on the website.


Topics for upcoming meetings


  • International students: November
  • Guidance department: January
  • Phys Ed department: April

Meeting Dates for next school year are as follows:


Tuesday – *November 25/14 (NB re-scheduled from Nov 18th to accommodate another event)

Wednesday – January 21/15

Tuesday – April 21/15


Council Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and take place in the Principal's Conference Room.

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