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Clarkson Advisory Council Minutes


September 18, 2013 - 7:30 p.m.





Martine Brouillet, Jim Kardash, Principal, Harry Chamourian, V-P, Maya Tomkiewicz, Kate Molina, Anne-Marie May, Debi Lawrence, Sylvie Vanroose, Annette Ackerman, Patti Latyshko, Nancy Roberts, Margaret Morse, Michael Tadgell, James Paterson, Bonnie Kuehl, Nicky Rossi, Guylaine Juteau


Martine Brouillet moved to approve April 17, 2013 Minutes  Carried -   APPROVED


2013/14 Advisory Council Election


Martine Brouillet: Chair

Sue Piotrowski: Co-Chair & Treasurer

Guylaine Juteau: Secretary

Debi Lawrence: Member at Large

Kate Molina: Member at Large

Sylvie Vanroose: Member at Large

Annette Ackerman: Member at Large

Michael Tadgell: Member at Large

James Paterson: Member at Large

Bonnie Kuehl: Member at Large

Nicky Rossi: Member at Large

Margaret Morse: QSP Organizer

Anne-Marie May: Organizer, Teacher Treat Day


Principal’s Report

  • The Principal introduced new Vice-Principal, Harry Chamourian
  • Reported as smooth startup to 2013 school year, noting a 90% pre-registration at early registration
  • Clarkson is employing the new Office 365 platform, enabling students to conveniently access documents from home or school
  • Principal Kardash is blogging weekly and teachers are writing blogs, accessible by their students
  • Enrollment is on target at approximately 803 and with 102 students attending the International program
  • No attrition to grade 9 enrollment
  • Principal reported a very successful planning day had been held at U of T to discuss school success and professional development
  • A lockdown drill had been well executed the day prior during the lunch hour and the students has responded swiftly and without incident. It was noted additional information would be shared with the International Students so they could be better prepared to respond accordingly in case of a future incident of this nature.
  •  Regarding communication with parents, the Principal noted that approximately 75% of parents have provided an email address for contact.
  • An annual review of the desired characteristics of the Principal and Vice-Principal will be done at the next Council meeting

SAC Report

  • Fall Fair to take place September 25 with several feeder middle schools participating
  • Also in the works are: Terry Fox Walk charity drive, a BBQ for feeder schools and Grades 9 & 12 Activity Day
  • Upcoming Food Friendly Days in October, November and February


  • Report was deferred to next meeting
  •  Next Staff meeting will identify which items are requiring donations to be updated to donation form in anticipation of Oct 10 distribution with early progress report cards
  • PRO Grant usually in the amount of $500 – suggestions sought

QSP Campaign

  •  Margaret Morse agreed to head this campaign again this year
  • Program is a viable option for school fundraising, requiring very little manpower and is at no cost to the school
  • SP subscriptions; forms to go with progress report cards Oct 10th and again at the end of Semester 1 (1st week Feb)

By-laws Committee

  • Bylaws will be distributed to Council Members for discussion at the next meeting

Other Business

  • Proposed topics for future Council meetings include a presentation from:

*       Nov –  High Skills Major & Extra Curricular Activities

*       January –  Guidance Department

*       April – French Immersion and English


Meeting Dates for this School Year are as Follows:


Wednesday - November  20, 2013                                                          

Wednesday - January 22, 2014

Wednesday - April 16, 2014          


Future Council Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and take place in the Principal’s Conference Room.                               

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